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Welcome to the audio licensing department of Urban KIngs Music group.

If you are inquiring about licensing music for a feature film,television program, video, in-house, live production or for use in a game you have came to the right place. Please include your name and address, daytime phone and fax numbers, and provide the following information:

1. The Title(s) of the recording being requested.

2. The Name of the Artist.

3. The Title of the Project with a detailed description outlining the following:

    • Method of Distribution
    • Anticipated Release Date
    • Total Number of Tracks on the package
    • Configuration
    • The License Fee you are offering
    • The Advance Guarantee you are offering.
    • The Territory you are requesting distribution rights for.
    • The Length of the Term of the license you are requesting.
    • Who will be Distributing the Product
    • A Brief Description of your company. If you are a non-profitorganization or are seeking a gratis license, please mention that in your letter and include your registered non profit number if you haveone. We have a minimum handling charge of $250.00 to process charitablegratis licenses.

Upon receipt of the required information, we will be able to processyour request with in 24 hours.

If you plan to re-record a song originally performed by one of our artists you will still need permission by our publishing company.

If you want to sample a portion of one of our recordings, we will need the following:

    • A mp3 that includes both the new song and the sampled song
    • The Title of the sampled recording, the recording artist
    • The Title of the new recording, the recording artist and the label on which it will be released
    • A brief description of how the new recording incorporates the sample

Please send your request with the aforementioned information to. If you have any additional questions, please include them in your letter.

Thank you for your interest in Urban KIngs Music Group.

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