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Urban Kings banners are projected to be viewed by over 1 Million people online through computers, mobile, iPads and Tablets this year! Promote your Upcoming Album, Movie, Mixtape, Company, Services or Product to hundred of thousands of loyal fans and consumers! Banners have proven to direct viewers to a new site if the banner creates an interest. Our viewers have interest in everything our site has to offer. A banner containing a brand new product or service will receive larger traffic due to the affiliation with Urban Kings.


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For a limited time, Urban Kings is offering an Email Blast to over 50,000 consumers and fans. Our email blast ONLY consists of people who have purchased products through our site, or to those who have subscribed to our network. We do not SPAM or solicit to be added through our email blasts. An email blast will create awareness, traffic and sales to your website, for your service or product.



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