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Are you interested in buying product wholesale? We are currently offering competitive prices from all our inventory. With Urban Kings, we offer a variety of music and urban wear with over 1000 titles to choose from. We have the new latest albums with the hottest prices around! We also include FREE posters, flyers, stickers and other great promotional items that will create interest in our products. Do you currently have a retail store or thinking of starting one soon? Let us help you stock your shelves with the music want and demand.

  • What Titles Do We Wholesale?

We do NOT ONLY carry Urban Kings titles, but over 1000 various titles that are currently in high demand. Due to the traffic of new albums, we can not carry a list of every new title that releases. Give us a call or email us today to receive a catalog of every title that we carry.

  • Do I Need To Be A Store To Buy Wholesale?

No, you do NOT need to be a store to obtain wholesale prices. Wholesale’s meaning is a person who purchases CD’s in bulk to receive a discounted price, then re-sell CD’s to anyone who is interested in buying music. This is a great way to keep store shelves stocked and/or start your own shop and carry the music that people demand for! Chicano rap albums usually sell for $15 retail and more, depending on the album and demand.

  • How Many Titles Qualify To Receive Wholesale Prices?

The minimum quantity to receive the wholesale price is 50 titles unless there is an agreement with the sales person. We work with all people who are interested in carrying Urban Kings products.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

Titles vary on pricing due to different artists and demand. Email us today to receive a quote today!

  • Do Urban Kings Ship To Your City?

Yes. Urban Kings ship worldwide. We are currently shipping product overseas to every continent.

  • I Am New To Chicano Rap. How Do I Choose Which Titles To Pick?

We offer a specialized start up kit with 100 titles that are the most requested and highest in demand. We currently work with and supply 250 different retail outlets around the world, and we configure which titles are highest in demand and most requested based on overall sales within our partners.

  • I Already Have My List Ready. How Do I Submit It To You?

If you already have a list already, feel free to use our email forum below! You may also call or office and read your list to our sales person, and the sales person can submit your order!

  •  How Do I Pay For The Titles?

We Currently offer THREE different ways to sent your payment in.

1. C.O.D

2. Paypal (We will set up the invoice for you before hand)

3. Direct deposit to our account

( Please Note : Shipping is paid by buyer unless an agreement is made with our sales person)

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