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urbankings-spankyloco Spanky Loco Born in 1975 and raised in the sunny weather of Southern California, Spanky Loco was

Born in 1975 and raised in the sunny weather of Southern California, Spanky Loco was destined to be more than the average person. As a youth he was running the streets with his friends and growing up like most adolescence his age that are raised in a low income neighborhood. Spanky’s musical preference was hip hop, and he became a big fan of artists like NWA, Run DMC, and EPMD because they were all artists that were broadcasted on his local radio stations. Spanky didn’t know it yet, but those artists created the lyrical structure and heavily influenced his musical career.
While being active in the streets, Spanky has endured hardships and struggles that the average person haven’t experienced.With jail time becoming a normal situation, Spanky had a near fatal experience and decided that he needed a change. He thought about making music before, and now he started transferring that thought into reality. With mutual acquaintances, Spanky started his own imprint “The Real 310 West”. Through The Real 310 West, Spanky Loco released his first solo album, titled “The Loco Life”. The Loco Life was considered a classic album and gave Spanky the recognition of an artist that will be successful in the music industry. Spanky then released a highly anticipated Spanish album called “Tirando Y Rifando” which gave him worldwide success and fans in different countries. Spanky has performed worldwide and made a “Live In Japan DVD and Soundtrack” as well. Soon after, Spanky started negotiating his next solo release tentatively titled “The Superior” with the Urban Kings Music Group. An agreement was soon in place and Spanky released “Spanky Loco Exclusives” which received high reviews from musical critics and fans. The next project was “The Superior” album that fans have been anticipating since Spanky has created a huge buzz around the Superior album. The Superior album is an album that fans have hailed as a classic with song like “Way Low” featuring legendary funkster George Clinton.After the Superior released, Spanky went straight to work on his second Spanish album called “Tirando Y Rifando 2″, which continued the success of both the Superior, as well as the first Tirando Y Rifando.
Spanky is usually in the studio working on music. From making instrumental beats, writing lyrics, and recording vocals, Spanky has mastered the art of creating music on all aspects. He has created music with legends and pioneers of hip hop, including artists such as MC Eiht, Jayo Felony, Sylk E Fine, Bad Azz, Playa Hamm, 40 Glocc, Kokane, George Clinton, Goldie Loc from Tha Eastsidaz, Stomper, and Top Dogg. With his own music imprint “The Real 310 West”, Spanky Loco is always looking for new talent and he is wrapping up his follow up albums for both his English and Spanish CDs.




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