Baby Jokes is in the Building

Baby Jokes came the other day to the Urban Kings Headquarters to check up on things. He also had news that he is going to be representing a motorcycle clothing line. For those who don’t know Baby Jokes is into Motorcycles and it just happened that a Canadian Company found out about him and wanted to work with him. Seeing that Baby Jokes is a rising star they want his image to help them grow in the US.(who can blame them). So in return Babe Jokes gets to wear their gear when he goes riding. Sorry ladies no Calvin Klein yet lol. But no matter how big Baby Jokes is getting he is still the same. (Thank God lol )

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Are you in L.A?

Stop by one of our biggest supports that carry all Urban Kings Music at the Compton Fashion Center next to the ice cream Shop.

Cycadelic Music Corner
2100 N.long beach blvd. #Z-7
Compton Ca 90221

Contact Kirk at
310-608-7167 store

Ms Krazie’s Song Is On Your Local Radio

Ms Krazie’s new single “Nobody Else” has now officially started to hit the airwaves. Nobody Else has been played already this weekend on Pocos Pero Locos, On A Sunday Afternoon with Henry G in Las Cruces NM, and Tha Latin Takeova with Shorti3 in Amarillo TX! The song will also be playing on The Barrio Banga with Elite from Power 103.5 in Oklahoma City OK, It will also play on 100.9 The Heat in Lancaster Ca, and a few more stations throughout the country. Please make sure to vote for Nobody Else from Ms Krazie on your favorite local radio station. Here is a list of the stations and phone numbers so you can request it. MAKE SURE TO HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW CALL THE STATION TOO, so you will have more of a chance to hear your favorite song! Remember to vote for Ms Krazies song on Facebook at

Witches In Mexico – Youtube Friday

If you seen this live, walking down the street, what would you do? I would be blasting Witchcraft – From Slow It Down by Chino Grande featuring Conejo and Wicked from Brownside!

Conejo CDs For Just $7.99

Urban Kings Music Group has released a few albums by the infamous Conejo. We have been working with Conejo since he started making music, and this album was his first album that he recorded when he was active in the streets. The album was recorded before any of his albums were released, and came raw with the lyrical ability, dark concepts and stories, and brought the street life into this album. Conejo made it an instant classic, and for Urban Kings, this was the first of three albums we have released from Con. This album had hard hitting jams like “My Mind Just Errupted”, “Sound Thee Alarm”, “Devils Playground” and “8 Million Stories”. The album is available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Merch Store.

Conejo – 8 Million Stories – Taken From Dead End Gangster

Meet UKMG New Artist – True Starr


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