Baby Jokes is in the Building

Baby Jokes came the other day to the Urban Kings Headquarters to check up on things. He also had news that he is going to be representing a motorcycle clothing line. For those who don’t know Baby Jokes is into Motorcycles and it just happened that a Canadian Company found out about him and wanted to work with him. Seeing that Baby Jokes is a rising star they want his image to help them grow in the US.(who can blame them). So in return Babe Jokes gets to wear their gear when he goes riding. Sorry ladies no Calvin Klein yet lol. But no matter how big Baby Jokes is getting he is still the same. (Thank God lol )

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Ms Krazie CD For Just $7.99!!!!

Urban Kings has officially joined the #‎AnalogVersusDigital Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each #‎UrbanKings CD for just $7.99, only on Including the very popular Ms Krazie CD “Forgive Not Forget“. Featuring some classic songs like “Nobody Else”, “Homewreckers”, “Little Heavens”, and “Love You Till Death”. Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!

Spanky Loco – Make That Money Trailer

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco has just released a brand new trailer for a new song, called “Make That Money”. The song is really dope and it was directed by Markoe Niyke of Nina Meyaki. The song hits heavy and is highly anticipated, since Spanky has been worldwide on his tours for both music and tattoos, that doesnt stop his talent to release some knocking tracks. Make sure to support Spanky Loco and watch the new trailer for Make That Money!

Spanky Loco – Make That Money – Music Video Trailer

Youtube Friday – Del Suelo Al Cielo

For this Youtube Friday, we have decided to run with Billy Dha Kidd’s newest music video, called “Del Suelo Al Cielo”. The video also features Dope House Records own Juan Gotti. We don’t usually put music videos as our Youtube Fridays, but this video is an exceptions. It shows the struggle of one person making the trip from Mexico to the United States, like most other Mexicanos do, with just water, food, and a little money,  but with a huge dream. Most latinos can relate to the song and the video that it translates into. Shout out to Billy Dha Kidd and Juan Gotti for making this video and we look forward to seeing more of their work in the near future.

Jasper’s New Mixtape Gets A Name

UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo has just named his brand new upcoming mixtape that he will be releasing along with Urban Kings this year! Everyone has been pumped up about the mixtape since we released the first song from the tape, called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up“. The mixtape will be called “Hu$tle Muzik” and will be featuring some many dope artists, like UKMG Artist Chino Grande, Oso Vicious and many other dope artists. The mixtape is going to be bangin, I have the tape its its dope. The mixtape cover and the tracklisting is coming soon, so make sure to stay posted to our website for more information!

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Glimpse of A Better Life

This clip is a small peek of the production of the movie A Better Life. Which Baby Jokes is going to be appearing in. The director of this movie is the same director of the movie Twilight (welcome the new team… Team Baby Jokes lol).  This film is based on the reality that we seem to over look in our communities and the struggles of those who have suffered for us. If you want to see the offical Trailer of A Better life its on our Urban Kings Tv. Now the movie use to be called The Gardener but it got changed to A Better Life ( so the Anglos can feel welcomed lol). Its going to be coming out this year.Does seems to be the type of film to open your eyes to reality (yes ladies besides the reliaty that baby jokes is going to be your baby’s daddy ). Its really rich in our heritage and our culture here (U.S).

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