Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Out Now

The California Boys are Back. Charlie Row Campo are back and reloaded with 100% new songs. With Camponero members Chino Grande,  Baby Jokes, Jasper Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns, this album is going to continue the good music from “The Camponero Album” to “California Boys”. Fans, critics, friends and record store owners have been asking when this album will be dropping. And now we finally have released the next Charlie Row Campo CD. With features from The Stomper, King Lil G, D Salas, Syphon and more, this album is another project that stays mainly within the Campo. We have dropped a few songs leading up to the release date, along with snippets and all the other good stuff fans can listen to, to get that Charlie Row vibe. This album is now available everywhere, including All FYE Locations , Digitally through iTunes , Online through The UKMG Merch Store and your local mom and pop record shops.

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – In Studio Footage – Behind The Scenes

Charlie Row Campo – Hometown – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – This Is Me – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – Never – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – On Our Team

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New Scarface Movie?

There has been talks in Hollywood that are trying to bring back the infamous Scarface movie. I believe like most Scarface fans that the movie is a classic and shouldn’t be changed one bit. But I have also been hearing that David Ayers is writing the movie. David Ayers is the guy who wrote “Training Day”, “Swat” and “Fast and the Furious” . He also wrote and directed “End Of Watch” with Baby Jokes . It is said that Ayers will be writing the movie, but WILL NOT be an exact copy of the original. Im thinking they are using the Scarface name, but a whole new story. Before all you guys get mad and upset, did you know that the Scarface we love was a remake? The original Scarface movie came out in 1932. Thats almost 80 years ago. The Scarface we all know was made in 1982 by director Brian De Palma. Now the next question is, who is next in line that can play Tony Montana as good as the great Al Pacino?

Richard Cabral in Follow Me

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, is featured in a new video featurette for a brand new film called “Follow – The Movie”. It features Richard playing the character of Cisco Vignette. The movie is still in its beginning stages, so we can’t say too many details of the film, but we can tell you Richard will be playing a poet named Cisco and filmed a short trailer of his character, and we have the exclusive video here! Make sure to support Richard Cabral and watch the video above and we will keep you updated on more information for Follow – The Movie.

Richard has recorded music with Urban Kings for years now, as part of the group “Charlie Row Campo”, and a collaboration album with Jasper Loco called “Eastside Classics“. He also released a solo album under the name Baby Jokes, called “Life On The Streets“. All music is available now on Amazon, FYE, digitally on iTunes and in the UKMG Merch Store!

Baby Jokes by Photographer James Mooney

Which starred Richard Cabral who is a great actor and one to watch in the future. Apart from his acting skills he is a true testament that change can happen no matter what situation you come from or are in once you really want it and truly believe in yourself. I have interviewed Richard twice and heard his story and it has inspired me to follow a project that I’m working on even more. – James Mooney

Pictures Taken By James Mooney.

To See More Pictures of Baby Jokes by James Mooney

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Throwback Thursday – Gangster Relief

I try to listen to an album a day of different Urban Kings albums each day. Todays choice was The Stomper, with his album “Once Upon A Time In America“. This was a dope album, that featured some classic hitters like “Aztlan Is The Truth”, “76 Bars”, “I Wish It Was Fake” and “Drums Of War”. The album was too dope, with the first single being “Gangster Relief” and featuring UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo and Lil Minor. Did you know the music video for Gangster Relief is over 611,000 views on youtube? Now we need to get it to 800,000. This is a dope album, a must have for all Stomper, Charlie Row and Urban Kings Fans. Make sure to press play and turn up those speakers. Below is the album cover for Once Upon A Time In America and the order links. The whole album was produced by Kast N Fame. Its also available at the Urban Kings Flagship Shop at 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

Conejo Snippets Now Up

Have you heard the new Conejo Snippets yet for “Killer From The West“? Since releasing the snippets, the streets been going crazy, getting their first official taste of the brand new Conejo CD, and it has been getting really good feedback. I know fans have  been waiting for a new Conejo album for a minute, and hooking up with Urban Kings, this album is going to be another classic album. It features 16 brand new songs, all brand new material and never heard anywhere else! This album is all new material from Conejo, and it is the Third Official Release of Conejo by Urban Kings, the first two CDs,  ”Dead End Gangster and Game Over” were classics and set the standard for being a classic. The Official Release Date for Killer From The West is October 15th, 2013! And did you know that Urban Kings released Conejo’s very first album, called Shady Conejo, and that album is now out of print! We have been working with Conejo since day one, making classic albums, and the Killer Of The West album is no exception and will be another masterpiece. Make sure to Pre Order the brand new Conejo “Killer From The West” album and you also get a FREE Conejo Poster! Buy 1 copy, get 1 Free Conejo Poster, Buy 4 copies, get 4 Free Conejo Posters! Order more than 1 copy and save! We have just released the brand new snippets for the new Conejo – Killer From The West album, so make sure to listen to them below! The album will also be shipped before the release date, so you might get yours before its out in stores! Below is the brand new official tracklisting along with the Snippets for Killer From The West!

Conejo – Killer From The West – Official Tracklisting

1. Introduction
2. Every Which Way But Dead
3.Price To Pay
4. Protect The Territory
5. The Night Crawler
6. Loyal To The Game
7. Package Pure
8. No Rest For The Wicked
9. Interlude
10. Young Poet
11. Ask No Questions
12. Prowl The Street
13. This A Heroin Flow
14. Coming Up In The Ghetto
15. It’s Midnight
16. Outro

Conejo – Killer From The West – Official Snippets


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