Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Out Now

The California Boys are Back. Charlie Row Campo are back and reloaded with 100% new songs. With Camponero members Chino Grande,  Baby Jokes, Jasper Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns, this album is going to continue the good music from “The Camponero Album” to “California Boys”. Fans, critics, friends and record store owners have been asking when this album will be dropping. And now we finally have released the next Charlie Row Campo CD. With features from The Stomper, King Lil G, D Salas, Syphon and more, this album is another project that stays mainly within the Campo. We have dropped a few songs leading up to the release date, along with snippets and all the other good stuff fans can listen to, to get that Charlie Row vibe. This album is now available everywhere, including All FYE Locations , Digitally through iTunes , Online through The UKMG Merch Store and your local mom and pop record shops.

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – In Studio Footage – Behind The Scenes

Charlie Row Campo – Hometown – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – This Is Me – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – Never – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – On Our Team

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Youtube Friday – Ms Krazie – World Premier from Street Anthems 4!

We have the brand new official world premier of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, called "Pobre Quey", that is taken from the brand new Urban Kings album "Street Anthems 4". This is a really dope album and features some exclusive songs thats wont be featured on any other album. With songs from Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, Midget Loco, Conejo, Stomper, Spanky Loco, ALT The Saint, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Sinful aka El Pecador, Payaso, Chino Brown, Baby Jokes, and more. Street Anthems 4 will release This Tuesday, June 18th to all major music retail stores, such as FYE and digitally through iTunes. It will also be available online through THE UKMG Merch Store! Make sure to listen to the new Ms Krazie song and write what you think on Urban Kings Tv!

Your New Role Model

Here at Urban Kings Music Group, we work hard every day, all day. okay okay sorry for the corporate talk lol but thats pretty much what we are going for. I been working on this top secret new Urban Kings site for the last 2 month to display all what we have and will do. From music, to clothing, to websites, to radio, i want to incorporate all the info with out being boring. I also notice tumblr has been a fast growing platform being used by all our fans. So i figured ill incorprated a tumblr to our photo sectoin (click here to visit our tumblr and start following us). Now you can reblog us and we can reblog you guys anytime. I also added a lyric sectoin which even i go there to read some of our artist lyrics. Of course i couldn’t forget a media section highlighting any and all media we have been involved with. Our video section is also one of are dopiest section giving the ability to see what you hear not just from our label but from all our friends, indie rappers and indie films makers who are working with our movement. Over all im very proud of this site and the many new features and options you will get to browse through, read about, and see first hand on what we have updated. It is a fun new interactive way to read about your favorite artist, write your personalized album review, read lyrics from your favorite songs or read what we have been doing in mainstream media! Welcome to the NEW! Like always please leave us your suggestions and feed back

True Starr At BSide Show – Full Episode

Urban Kings Arist True Starr was a guest on The BSide Show, one of the most popular online music radio/webcam shows in hip hop. The show was a success, with tens of thousands of fans tuning into the show, and joining the chatrooms to ask questions. Other guests included Self Provoked, Comedian Ralph Figueroa and Dolle Girl. Check out True Starr on his interview. He is geared up on the World Premier for his brand new music video for “Roll Thru”, which will release on Tomorrow, Thursday, February 5th here on Urban Kings! It is directed by Kast N Fame, and we cant wait to show you how dope this video is! But until then, make sure to watch his episode of The BSide Below, True Starr’s Interview starts about 44:00 into the show!

True Starr Interview on The BSide Show

Ms. Krazie and Mc Magic

Ms. Krazie is going to be featured on Mc Magic’s new album called The Rewire. The song that is featuring Ms. Krazie is going to be called Reasons and the album drops of February the 8. Hint Hint you know what this means Mc Magic is also going to be featured in Ms. Krazie’s album : )

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Ms Krazie Canvas

Urban Kings has just released a very dope, very exclusive, very limited edition canvas of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. The canvas is called “Forgive Not Forget” and only 3 canvas’s are in existence. Thats right, only 3 were made. They are a limited edition lithograph, which means Ms Krazie’s autographed signature is printed into the canvas. These will never be made again, and once they are sold, they will be gone forever. For only the biggest Ms Krazie fans, the canvas dimensions are 24.5 inches in height, and 16 inches wide, made of tough durable canvas with a double thick wood frame. They are available right now inside The Urban Kings Merch Store! Get them before they are gone!


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