Hit the Mall with a G

Who says real Gs don’t go to the mall with their family. Erica was at the Montclair mall when she noticed that Chino Grande was there with his family. Chino G took the time to take this pic with her. That’s a true love right there. Taking the time to make the fans happy. Chino Grande has been locked up quiet sometime and while he has been locked up, he drew up this sketch which is going to be auction off. If you guys are interested and want to put in your bid email us at urbankings4@gmail.com. If you haven’t really gotten to know Chino Grande you can get to know the real Chino Grande in his exclusive interiview that was done one week before his incarceration. We also have a video of his last moments of freedom. We hope for the best and can’t wait till he gets released. Free Chino Grande!

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Spanky Loco by James Mooney

James Mooney recently caught up with Spanky Loco to take a couple of photos. James Mooney has done photography work with big artists such as Bruno Mars, Trey Songs, Baby Jokes and now Spanky Loco. James is most recognizable with his black and white portraits. Here is some pictures of Spanky Loco taken by Photographer James Mooney.

For More Pictures Click on James Mooney Photography

Ms Krazie & Urban Kings Huge Announcement / Contest

We have a huge announcement to all Ms Krazie and Urban Kings fans. First, Ms Krazie’s new album “Forgive Not Forget” is now available everywhere! Second, Ms Krazie and UKMG is conducting a BRAND NEW CONTEST to find Ms Krazie’s Biggest Fan.

Contest : Make a Youtube Video Telling Ms Krazie why you are her BIGGEST FAN. What Makes you her biggest fan? Tell her yourself in this unique, one-of-a-kind contest! Ms Krazie will choose the winner herself!

The Ms Krazie Biggest Fan Winner will be a special guest ON SET of Ms Krazie’s First Music Video in Los Angeles! He or She will be able to meet Ms Krazie, and do a special behind the scenes video of how a music video is filmed.

The Ms Krazie Biggest Fan Winner MUST be able to provide your own transportation to Los Angeles, so if you live in Chicago and win, you must provide your own way to LA. If you are from the Southern California area already, you are just a hop skip and a jump away.

Rules are you must put “Ms Krazie’s Biggest Fan Contest Entry” in the heading, and you must VIDEO RESPONSE your video to THIS VIDEO!

Watch The Video For Official Rules and Guidelines

Jasper and Baby Jokes Loco 2 da Brain

When a song is Chop it is slowed down to a furneral pace and at certain parts of the song its repeated so it can make a double-up effect. Chopped and Screwed music started in the early 1990′s from legendary DJ Screw (aka godfather of Screwed Music). He perfected the technique by slowing down one record on one turntable and then having the same record on another turntable playing in delay so as create a repetition. DJ Screw had his own label Screwed Up Records, and owned the group Screwed Up Click. DJ Screw passed away in November 2000 from heart failure which was attributed to drinking prescription cough syrup.  Cough syrup turned to popular drug  in in late 2000.The syrup was the choice drug to be on listing to Chopped and Screwed music. Its a Texas thing I guess cuz we blow trees out here when we bump but hmmm lol. For the record do not attempt. But with that being explained listen to Jaspers and Baby Jokes Chopped Screwed song Loco 2 Da Brain. (any way you feel like listening it to but you were warned and we aren’t responsible)

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UKMG Deal Of The Day


Urban Kings Deal Of The Day returns to give you a special deal on one of the classic albums in hip hop. It is by Mr Lil One and the album is called “No Condolences“. It is one of the dopest albums of all time and features Lil One at his best, with songs like “World Fulla Sin”, “No Condolences”, “I Seen It All” and “Arson”. This is one of the CDs you played out until it was all scratched, or let your friend barrow it and never get it back. Well now you can get it from us, for only $4.99. Make sure to get it now because price will go up! Click Here To Order “No Condolences” Today!


Show us what you got

This drawing was sent by 505shadybadboy. Everybody has a talent and we apreciate you guys taking the time to show us love thru your craft. If you want to show off your skills just send us your piece and we’ll post it up for people to see. Send it in to urbankings4@gmail.com (Best art work gets a free poster  jk lol but you never know…)

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