Hit the Mall with a G

Who says real Gs don’t go to the mall with their family. Erica was at the Montclair mall when she noticed that Chino Grande was there with his family. Chino G took the time to take this pic with her. That’s a true love right there. Taking the time to make the fans happy. Chino Grande has been locked up quiet sometime and while he has been locked up, he drew up this sketch which is going to be auction off. If you guys are interested and want to put in your bid email us at urbankings4@gmail.com. If you haven’t really gotten to know Chino Grande you can get to know the real Chino Grande in his exclusive interiview that was done one week before his incarceration. We also have a video of his last moments of freedom. We hope for the best and can’t wait till he gets released. Free Chino Grande!

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I was looking through some texts messages and seen a old conversation with UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. We were talking about plans for him working on his album, and talking about plans for 2014. I was also thinking of some of the new music Chino made, and the classic tracks that he made, then I thought of the video  ”My Neighborhood“. Every time I want to bump some real, raw rap, I always grab the “Slow It Down” album and play the first track. I wanna say FREE CHINO G and hope he comes home soon.

WestSide Coasting -Jasper

One of Jasper’s greatest hits makes it to his latest album EastSide Assassin now in stores. Get Jasper album on youbuycds, ITunes or FYE stores nation wide as well as your neighborhood mom and pop shops.

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Ms Krazie Shirt “New Size Just Added”

We have received so many emails asking about bigger sizes,so we added them today. Sizes will only be available  for pre-order. Make sure you order yours today before its too late!! LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!!

Look Who Came To The UKMG Offices

King Lil G came to the UKMG Offices today. There was something top secret going on and we cant let too much details leak just yet, but we can tell you that everyone has a Instagram! Make sure to follow Urban Kings on Instagram on @UrbanKings, King Lil G at @King_Lilg, and Old English Brand at @OldEnglishBrand. There are more pictures from today on each instagram so follow us all! For all those in the picture are Burst Rock, Chile, Lil G, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr, Mark, and Jeff “Echo” Reyes.

Make sure to get both of the King Lil G Albums, called “Lil Blue Devil 2” and “King Enemy“, which are both currently available now at http://www.YouBuyCds.com . Here is King Lil G’s new music video, called “Who Shot Tupac”, Directed by Echosworld Films.


Get Blue Rose from Chino Grande’s Unreleased Album

[audio:http://www.urbankingsinc.com/now/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/blue-rose.mp3|titles=Chino Grande ft. Baby Jokes - Blue Rose]

Chino Grande’s album “The Story Of My Life” isn’t coming out until August 16, but we are releasing his single Blue Rose on Itunes on Tuesday.(and if your wondering why the red button isn’t linking you to Itunes to buy it, it cuz it aint Tuesday yet lol). So slow your roll charlie row cuz this album is SICK!!

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