Hit the Mall with a G

Who says real Gs don’t go to the mall with their family. Erica was at the Montclair mall when she noticed that Chino Grande was there with his family. Chino G took the time to take this pic with her. That’s a true love right there. Taking the time to make the fans happy. Chino Grande has been locked up quiet sometime and while he has been locked up, he drew up this sketch which is going to be auction off. If you guys are interested and want to put in your bid email us at urbankings4@gmail.com. If you haven’t really gotten to know Chino Grande you can get to know the real Chino Grande in his exclusive interiview that was done one week before his incarceration. We also have a video of his last moments of freedom. We hope for the best and can’t wait till he gets released. Free Chino Grande!

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Kobe – Unofficial Music Video

New music alert! We just got sent the new unofficial music video from Urban Kings Artist True Starr for his song “Kobe”. We just dropped the video today, and was recorded while he was doing a photoshoot for his sponsor Old English Brand. The song is dope, and True is rockin the OE “Logo Sweater“, available now. The album “You’re Welcome” has been doing really well, and is scheduled to feature more Official Music Videos very soon. We are still trying to figure out the next music video from the album, stay tuned to see which one we will make. Make sure to support True Starr and watch the video above and support the movement.

Youtube Friday – Aint Nobody Got Time For That

We found a very funny clip for you for this weeks Youtube Friday. We got a news story about a fire in an apartment in Oklahoma City. The media interviewed a female resident in the apartment, named Sweet Brown. Sweet Brown gave her description of what happened that night, in very vivid detail. Then some producers heard her song, and made a song from her interview. Make sure to check out the song by clicking the picture above and watch the Sweet Brown “Aint No Body Got Time For That” Remix!

Music Thursday- Tu Sabes Que Te Amo

This song comes from the album Love Dedications with Toro Loco.

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The Ms Krazie xSetForLifex DVD

Its Official, the Ms Krazie xSetForLifex DVD will be releasing on February 9th! This is the DVD that everyone has been waiting for, the video that takes you all access through Ms Krazie’s very first concert in the Los Angeles Area. Watch as Ms Krazie takes the stage and performs a classic set, bringing many special guests who have featured on some of her biggest albums. It also takes you inside Ms Krazie’s dressing room, and getting ready for the concert. The xSetForLifex DVD also includes special bonus performances from MC Magic and Brown Boy, along with Jasper Loco, Spanky Loco, and Stomper. The concert was hosted by Lala Romero! Coming Soon!

Midget Loco Performing Live!

Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco will be performing on Sunday, March 22nd at the Indio Super Show in Indio, California. This concert will also double as a carshow, and will also feature Lil Cuete, David and Daphne Salas, Dissiple and more! This carshow will be taking place at the Riverside County Fairgrounds and will be hosted by Chase Martinez of Jammin 99.5FM. The concert will only be $10 to get in and Children 10 and under are FREE. More information is coming soon, but make sure to mark the date on your calendar because Midget Loco will be performing all his hits on March 22nd!


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