Raw Footage Of Jasper

Jasper spits out lyrics like nothing (don’t believe it click play lol). In this interview filmed a cool minute ago when Eastside Assassin was barely being worked on. Jasper came thru and  as soon as he started talking about his life and how it all started, he did it all through a verse.There was no rehearsal, nothing just Jasper being himself.  Few months later and his first solo album East Side Assassin is out now in all FYE Locations, Itunes, mom and pops and youbuycds

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Ms. Krazie, Champion On The Air Waves

Ms Krazie’s song Baby Angels was recently RETIRED from the 8 O’clock Knockout. She went up against top artists challenging her for the championship Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Pitbull, LMFAO, Tyrese, Gym Class Heros, Miguel and More! We added Ms Krazie’s 8 oClock Knockout Interview, and some of the voters who called in and voted for Ms Krazie to Knockout the artists competing against her. She is the longest reigning champion EVER on the show!!!Since Baby Angeles is now the retired champion, will be played through out the day. All you have to do now is to request it. Visit U-92.7 on FaceBook or Twitter, you can even do it old school can call them (lol) (760) 322-9236 OR (760) 345-9236 to request Baby Angeles to come out of your radio speakers. Shout out to everyone that called, posted, tweeted its because of you guys that will now be played anytime of the day. (we did it!!) We have opened a door of endless possibilities,but stay posted because we are still going to be taking down more radio stations.Plus we are even going to be introduce another song by Ms. Krazie on the air waves. Join the team.

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True Starr – I Dont Trust

Urban Kings Artist True Starr released his brand new music video for his newest song “I Don’t Trust”. It just came out this week and fans are loving it. The storyboard is crazy, with him taking out a snitch to the desert and not trusting anyone. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is scheduled to also be a single that will be available on iTunes very very soon! True Starr is already back in the studio, working on the next song, to make another music video. His grind never stops, so make sure to check it out and support him.

New Lyrics from Charlie Row Campo – Never

Click Picture To See Lyrics

We been adding to our Lyrics page at Urban Kings and we have now got the lyrics to the song called “Never” from Charlie Row Campo’s newest album called “California Boys“. This is a really good CD that has alot of major talent on it. From Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Baby Jokes and Jasper Loco, these artists can all hold their own on the microphone and have been doing it for quite some time. And Charlie Row called in some artists to be a part of the album, like UKMG Artist The Stomper and King Lil G. D Salas was also the mastermind when it came to most of the beats and the selection of them. Charlie Row Campo’s “California Boys” is available now at all major music retail outlets, such as All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes and in The UKMG Merch Store. Make sure to click the picture to see the lyrics of “Never“, by Charlie Row Campo.


Last night was The World Premier of the movie “A Better Life” which Baby Jokes played a character in the movie.

The movie premiered at the exclusive Los Angeles Film Festival at LA Live. A Better Life has already been receiving rave reviews from movie goers and critics alike.

As it being the story about an illegal mexican immigrant trying nothing better than to give his song a better life than his own.

We cant really give away too much of the movie but it is definitely worth watching.

Here are a few pictures of Baby Jokes while attending the “A Better Life” Afterparty with some of the crew and directors.

Order of photos Cast of A Better Life: Bobby Soto, Jose Juilian, Chelsea Rendon. The Director of Better Life Chris Wietz, followed by the Producer. Then the actor Bobby Soto (cast member), next actress Jami Gertz, followed by Kristen Stewart.

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Steal Your Neighbor’s News Paper TOMORROW!

Baby Jokes is coming out in an interview on The Los Angeles Times tomorrow. It’s gonna be under the “Calendar” side (the section to steal lol). The interview is gonna be based on his role in A Better Life for those who haven’t seen it, its out now in Los Angeles and New York great movie (made me tear up in the end). The day of the opening it got sold out and when I went on Sunday it was also a full house so thank you for all of those who came out and supported the movement.It’s still not too late to determine the odds.  And this isn’t the last of Baby Jokes, his album is now available on youbuycds to buy pre-sales with an autographed poster dropping July 5th world wide.

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