Raw Footage Of Jasper

Jasper spits out lyrics like nothing (don’t believe it click play lol). In this interview filmed a cool minute ago when Eastside Assassin was barely being worked on. Jasper came thru and  as soon as he started talking about his life and how it all started, he did it all through a verse.There was no rehearsal, nothing just Jasper being himself.  Few months later and his first solo album East Side Assassin is out now in all FYE Locations, Itunes, mom and pops and youbuycds

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Ms Krazie On Her Sad Girls Club


Im finally calling it a night. con la ayuda de dios, this will be another successful week working on myself and back in the studio to keep SAD GIRLS CLUB on the scheduled path.. So I can bring you more samples. I been holding back because im waiting for the mix and mastered tracks so we can release a single the right way. So far I have ZERO collaborations on the album (by choice) and I feel like thats the way it should stay even if I get people rolling their eyes lol. Its an EXTREMELY personal album, closing some wounds which have been opened for many years & aside from singers (on hooks).. I am super attached to my music to where I wont allow just anyone to get on just because. At least not on stuff this touchy. A lot of these songs are helping me close chapters of my life to finally learn to let go of A LOT of pain and incidents which haunt me till this day. I simply cant and wont throw someone on a song just to “hurry up” and finish it. We will see what happens.. but so far, I like where this is going. the album is set to release in a few months if all continues on schedule.  We are also working on new merchandise for this summer which I am excited af about because its just been so long! I have new tshirts coming with AMAZING tops lol I say amazing because I finally found tops that are long and stretchy! So no more 100% cotton crap that does not fit my curves! lol I have a meeting next week hope I can bring you girls more updates! @urbankings @oldenglishbrand GOODNIGHT! ‪

Fundraiser Concert For Wreck

As many of you know, Wreck of Wicked Minds passed away late Sunday Evening. He was a very good guy and always shown alot of love and respect to the UKMG family. Right now is a difficult time for everyone in our genre, as we are not only losing a fellow artist in our community, but we are also losing a big brother. There is an event being organized, to help Wrecks family with funeral costs, since his passing was very sudden and unexpected.

Here is some information about the concert, with more information coming to everyone once we receive it.

Wrecks Benefit Concert will be taking place on Saturday, November 17th. There will be an entry fee will strictly be donation, and 100% will be going towards Wrecks family, his wife and kids, who are also planning to attend the concert. Many artists are locked in for the event, and there will be an official line up coming very soon along with the official flyer. It will be taking place at Club Iguana’s in the city of Pico Rivera, California.


We would like to also post the words of his wife, Sabrina Martinez

“Late Sunday night I received a phone call that my husband had not reported to work. I called him repeatedly , after not responding to my calls, I became worried, driving to his work site me and my supervisor stumbled across a crime scene, I was then asked questions in an attempt to identify my husband. It was later confirmed that he was killed and his car had been stolen. I’m asking for anyone to come forward with any information regarding the incident that happend on Mariposa and Ranchero that night, or who has seen his car a 2011 dark blue chevy malibu. License plate 6NIM116. Please call Detective Doemner with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. Homicide Division (909) 387-3589. He is survied by his wife, children, mother, and brothers. Please pray for his justice, so his family can have closure.”

At this time the family is financially struggling and really needs our help. The family has set up a Pay Pal account for anybody who is able to help them out during this difficult time. The paypal account is calilegal1@aol.com . If anyone can donate any amount of money, anything can help, if you can help with $5, or  $10, or $15 or $20 or more, please help to give him a proper funeral that he deserves.

Thank You

New Scarface Movie?

There has been talks in Hollywood that are trying to bring back the infamous Scarface movie. I believe like most Scarface fans that the movie is a classic and shouldn’t be changed one bit. But I have also been hearing that David Ayers is writing the movie. David Ayers is the guy who wrote “Training Day”, “Swat” and “Fast and the Furious” . He also wrote and directed “End Of Watch” with Baby Jokes . It is said that Ayers will be writing the movie, but WILL NOT be an exact copy of the original. Im thinking they are using the Scarface name, but a whole new story. Before all you guys get mad and upset, did you know that the Scarface we love was a remake? The original Scarface movie came out in 1932. Thats almost 80 years ago. The Scarface we all know was made in 1982 by director Brian De Palma. Now the next question is, who is next in line that can play Tony Montana as good as the great Al Pacino?

Have You Seen This Meme Yet?

Have you seen the Cuete Yeska/Urban Kings bus lately? We just got this #Meme sent to us, with the police holding up the tour bus and arresting someone that was riding on it. The person is not affiliated or works with Urban Kings, but we thought this was crazy how the police are right there searching the bus and just staring at all the artists pictures that are posted on the bus. This Meme has been going around throughout social media, being shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We seen this on the Urban Kings Instagram and thought it was a trip.


Our Homie Billy Dha Kidd sent us his new mixtape that he made available for a free download. Billy reps that Midwest and is one of the upcoming Latino Artists coming out the middle of the country. Billy been grinding for  years working with many dope artists and performing with artists like MC Magic, Akwid, Zig Zagg, Chingo Bling, Lil Rob and more. This is a dope new tape that you should download it and support all Latino that are hustlin heavy in the Midwest area. The mixtape is crazy with all new beats, with some exclusives and some sneak peaks at some upcoming tracks from his upcoming album!!

 Billy Dha Kidd

Billy Dha Kidd – Live Dha Fly Way – Stay Fresh Mixtape Download Link


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