Raw Footage Of Jasper

Jasper spits out lyrics like nothing (don’t believe it click play lol). In this interview filmed a cool minute ago when Eastside Assassin was barely being worked on. Jasper came thru and  as soon as he started talking about his life and how it all started, he did it all through a verse.There was no rehearsal, nothing just Jasper being himself.  Few months later and his first solo album East Side Assassin is out now in all FYE Locations, Itunes, mom and pops and youbuycds

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New Scarface Movie?

There has been talks in Hollywood that are trying to bring back the infamous Scarface movie. I believe like most Scarface fans that the movie is a classic and shouldn’t be changed one bit. But I have also been hearing that David Ayers is writing the movie. David Ayers is the guy who wrote “Training Day”, “Swat” and “Fast and the Furious” . He also wrote and directed “End Of Watch” with Baby Jokes . It is said that Ayers will be writing the movie, but WILL NOT be an exact copy of the original. Im thinking they are using the Scarface name, but a whole new story. Before all you guys get mad and upset, did you know that the Scarface we love was a remake? The original Scarface movie came out in 1932. Thats almost 80 years ago. The Scarface we all know was made in 1982 by director Brian De Palma. Now the next question is, who is next in line that can play Tony Montana as good as the great Al Pacino?

Midget Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Midget Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns talking about their mix tapes coming out this year Fiesty 2 Guns Talking Guns, which is out in stores now.Midget Loco’s 1st Loco at the Streets which is going to be coming out February 1 but you can get your pre-ordered.  Their thoughts on Chicano Rap, what they are going to bring to the table and MORE….

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Jasper Loco – All About The Money Music Video

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be releasing his brand new music video called “All About The Money”, a song that is taken from his newest album “Its All About The Money“. The whole album is dope, and it was hard to pick a song from this album for the music video. We finally came up with the All About The Money song, and we made a video for it. The video will be premiering on Urban Kings Tv on June 2nd! We want to be the first to give everyone a heads up on the exclusive info, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for all information about Charlie Row!

Midget Loco Featured On Our Exclusive Facebook Video!

Urban Kings Artist Midget Loco was a special guest yesterday on the Official Urban Kings Facebook Video, that is only exclusively shown on the Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! Urban Kings CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and Midget films two exclusive videos showing everyone a bigger sample of some Midget Loco music that will be exclusive to our two brand new releases, called “Street Anthems 4” and “Chicano Rap Love Dedications 2“. That means the songs will only be on that cd and no other cd. Not on Midget Loco’s album or any other compilations! Make sure to watch these videos and support and write your comments on the video posts! Also stay posted for Midget Loco’s brand new album, called “Street Love” which will be releasing July 16!

Chino Grande & Lana Del Rey Music Video

Did you know that Urban Kings Music Group Artist Chino Grande was featured in a music video by pop superstar Lana Del Rey. Her record label contacted us about featuring Chino Grande in her music video, since they heard that he just came home and was available to be a cameo for the music video called “Tropico”. The music video is over 27 minutes long, and has over 6,200,000 Million Views on Youtube. Chino Grande is featured on the music video “Gods and Monsters” which is the second video in the film, starting about 7:00 minutes into the video. Make sure to check it out and support Chino Grande! We stay on the FREE CHINO GRANDE campaign!

Lana Del Rey – Tropico – Chino Grande Cameo


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