Your invited to meet and greet the cast for a better life this saturday!

Congratulations Ms Krazie

Urban Kings would love to wish our artist Ms Krazie and Problemaz a huge congratulations on their new announcement of Ms Krazie having a baby! All Urban Kings Music Group staff and artists are not just employees or workers or artists, but also a family. And its always good news when there is a baby announcement because that means UKMG is adding a new member onto our team. And for the fans who have been asking, Ms Krazie will still be performing in Portland, Oregon on February 28th and in Denver, Colorado on May 2nd. The concerts are not cancelled and it still is going down. Congratulations Ms Krazie and Problemaz.

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Achieve The Set For Life Mentality

With the release of the new tee, Old English Brand made a short commercial video showcasing the brand new design, “Set For Life” with sexy model Valerie Vargas. With certain designs, they just speak for themselves. No gimmick, or camera tricks or special effects. Its just the person and the clothing. Set For Life is a lifestyle that is so full of ambition that pushes for greatness. And once greatness is achieved, to go even further. The Set For Life Tee is available now exclusively at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Our Online Store! Todays special release will come with some free wine and a limited edition pin!

Editing is no joke!

Today was the day, we woke up early to make sure the  music videos of  Midget Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns got done on time.( and no we do not leave everything to the last minute lol). Making sure the videos are the same quality as the ones you see on MTv is harder than it looks. It took us hours to finish the videos but now they are almost done. The funny part is that, the only thing i got to edit was the intro and a jpeg (geek for picture lol) at the end. For my first time, I was having so many problems trying to edit like how the pros do it. I give video editors much props; I can only imagine how hard it must be to spend hours and hours trying to get the video flawless. I took a few snap shots while I was working. So you will be pleased to know that music videos are done and will be up on time. (We kept our word lol). As you can see the boss and I edited both videos on two computers. Which video I edited, you’ll never know lol.  



Remembering Selena

Today is a day we remember someone who touched so many lives through music. An artist who past away before her prime and had endless potential. An icon. An inspiration to millions around the world who have heard her story, with tragedy touching many more. Today we honor, and remember, and celebrate the life of Selena Quintanilla Perez, known more commonly to as her millions of fans, as just “Selena”. Watch the video as celebrities remember Selena, in many different ways. World Famous people like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Former President George Bush and more. I never met Selena, but her personality and music will live on forever, because she was not just a famous artist, but her personality made it seen that you’ve known her before. Rest In Peace Selena, you are missed around the world, and this post is just for you. It has been 21 years today since the death of Selena, and we will continue to play her music for years to come.


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