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Midget Loco – Thirteen Letter

This is Midget Loco’s Music Video of Thirteen Letter featuring D Salas. It is taken from his most recent album “Dedicated To The OGs”, and is Midget’s Third Music Video from the album. Make sure to click below to watch the Music Video!


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Midget Loco – Thirteen Letter Official Video ~Urban Kings Tv
~Taken from Midget Loco Dedicated To The Og’s Out Now

For immediate release
Urban Kings Music Group
Label Contact: 562 696-5222
Directed/Produced: Jeff Reyes
Produced by: Rachel Denis
Director of Photography: Brian Weber
Production Design: Michelle Millan
A.D.: Trevor Scott
A.C.: Andy Reyes
Makeup: Sammy Eget

277 Responses to “Midget Loco – Thirteen Letter”

  1. More power to you !!!And for these haters posting negative about this man rapping especially the raza I feel sorry for the negative people you people will be left behind so watch what you say KARMA IS REAL !!! !!WE HAVE ENOUGH NEGATIVE IN THIS WORLD SNAP OUT OF PEOPLE AND WORRY ABOUT YOURS !!! Much love to my jente !!!
  2. Midget Loco - Thirteen Letter featuring D.Salas O…:
  3. 400 comments aber mehr als 300 aufrufe
  4. Sidney Kuehn says:
    Ryan! I'm making a short where one of the characters takes off his face to reveal another underneath! Any way I could pull that off with After Effects?
  5. Svetlana Ali says:
    Check out this video on YouTube:
  6. Viviana Nava says:
    Firme rola much love nd respect❤
  7. SEX Good, now that I have your attention go check out my channel and tell me what you think
  8. Anyways I love your videos nitro.Keep up the good work :)!
  9. Scott Ogle says:
  10. Scott Ogle says: How come their neck is separated from their heads at times?
  11. Sam Baaj says:
    Wtf did I just watch?
  12. SOJKNH BBNB says:
    Wtf did I just watch?
  13. Zacq768 says:
    the sound cut out at "christ sake"... the hell?
  14. This is sick as song that's what's up
  15. ubtoo05 says:
    If I got to grow up with my dad before they locked him in the pen all my life he looked a lot like this man back then... Us Latinos are just really born good looking as shit.
  16. john wayne says:
    a positive it!
  17. If you dont like it just click right away and for them people try to be banging it has nothin to do with your shitty ass music so why watch it it does not make sense this is a positive message and its great music that doesnt disrespect anyone so people leave all those negative vibes to yourself
  18. Look I am from east side bolen parque , sur califas and I have done 20 years behind bars and I can relate to this song .I have dedicated to my kids.its a positive message.
  19. Midget Loco - Thirteen Letter featuring D.Salas O…:
  21. Good shit my boy midget fuck the haters
  22. rcerda12 says:
    Check out this video on YouTube:
  23. D.J. Johnson says:
    I like nice clean rap that tells a story , Midget tells the story of life and how it was and will be about gangs ect, and of course D. Salas man you always rock it!!

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