7 Eleven’s Movement is being recognized by OC Weekly.

My boss got a call today(Thursday) and asked me to look up online the OC weekly. At first I was like why but then he told me to search 711. Then as we had the page loading me and my boss in front of the computer screen with coo-lade smiles when the page revealed that the OC weekly did a report on Chicano Rap Artist being sold in Southern Cal 7-eleven called Thank 7-eleven for Chicano Music Heaven?. Its one of the greatest feeling to see that our work goes unnoticed. And guess whose CD had the snap shot of the report…. Ms. Krazie! From her new album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. The sales are going so good that 7 elevens are going to be expanding it to other 7 elevens in other cities like DALLAS, COLORADO SPRINGS, LONGMONT, SALT LAKE CITY, LAS VEGAS,PHOENIX, BELLEVUE, WA just meantion a few. So now you can get your 40′s, zig zags , slushie and an Urban Kings Cd all at the same place. No matter which Southern Cal 7 eleven you go to they all smell the same. Click here to see which Southern Cal 7- elevens are selling our CDs and if they don’t have them demand them!!! Check out the report here.

Posted By Alejandra

Our Snapback Collection Is Available From Old English Brand

Old English Brand called our Snapback Hats into a full line up. Some awesome customers came down and they wanted to see a line up of colors and styles from our snapback collections. This was the very first one, and it featured the OE “Members Only” and the OE “Stay Humble” Snapbacks. We also carry the OE “East” and “West” Snapback Hats. We have all our snapback hats available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online in Our Online Store.

FREE Brown Bag Totes To The Next 10

Old English Brand has just reached over 10k followers on Instagram so we are giving back to the people who made it all possible. AND THATS YOU! For the next 10 orders, Old English Brand will ship ONE (1) FREE OE “Brown Bag Tote” per customer with purchase of ANY Old English Brand item. Including Tee Shirts, Pocket Tees, Tank Tops, Racerback Tank, Shoes and Accessories. Make sure to Browse the Old English Brand Store to see whats new and in stock!

9 Days Till Christmas

We are only 9 days away til Christmas and Old English Brand wanted to remind you that every order made today will arrive before Christmas! We are all geared up for this holiday season, with the OE Winter Collection freshly released and holidays of Christmas and New Years just around the block. Skip fighting for parking, the crowded malls, the long lines, the grumpy clerk, and order gifts for your loved ones easily. Find your favorite OE item, and it will ship quickly and arrive just in time to wrap and put under the tree! 9 Days Away, dont wait till the last minute like last year!

Like Us On Facebook Today

Do you LIKE Old English Brand on Facebook? We post some really cool things on there, displaying our newest tee shirts and crew necks, showing some of our newest models, and even posting some really cool videos and commercials for our followers. Right now we have almost 9,500 LIKES, we are building our facebook to be big, and we will be doing some really cool things for our followers who have LIKED our page since the beginning. So stay posted to our blog and our facebook, because you might see random prizes and contests on our facebook page this month! Click Here and Like Old English Brand Official Facebook Page!

Almost Through The Week

Here’s a pic to help you go through the last days of the week. Its your Old English “drug” fix.