7 Eleven’s Movement is being recognized by OC Weekly.

My boss got a call today(Thursday) and asked me to look up online the OC weekly. At first I was like why but then he told me to search 711. Then as we had the page loading me and my boss in front of the computer screen with coo-lade smiles when the page revealed that the OC weekly did a report on Chicano Rap Artist being sold in Southern Cal 7-eleven called Thank 7-eleven for Chicano Music Heaven?. Its one of the greatest feeling to see that our work goes unnoticed. And guess whose CD had the snap shot of the report…. Ms. Krazie! From her new album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. The sales are going so good that 7 elevens are going to be expanding it to other 7 elevens in other cities like DALLAS, COLORADO SPRINGS, LONGMONT, SALT LAKE CITY, LAS VEGAS,PHOENIX, BELLEVUE, WA just meantion a few. So now you can get your 40′s, zig zags , slushie and an Urban Kings Cd all at the same place. No matter which Southern Cal 7 eleven you go to they all smell the same. Click here to see which Southern Cal 7- elevens are selling our CDs and if they don’t have them demand them!!! Check out the report here.

Posted By Alejandra

True Starr Nears 20,000 Views!

Our photographers were invited when True Starr was filming his music video, called “Mind Right” featuring Chino Grande. We took some pictures on the set, during the scenes. The pictures came out really dope, as we took some amazing photos during the shoot. This was even cooler because True Starr was rocking the OE “Faded Beanie in Black” for our photos, and even during the music video scenes. We were just told by his label, Urban Kings Music Group, that his video is about to reach 20,000 views so far. If you haven’t seen the video yet, make sure to check it out below. Directed by our friends Kast N Fame. And make sure to download True Starr’s new album “You’re Welcome” available now!

True Starr ft. Chino Grande – Mind Right – Official Music Video

West Coast Madness by Oso Vicious

Old English Brand always feels honored to be featured in music videos, photo shoots and performances. Today, we would like to share with everyone the brand new music video by Oso Vicious featuring Rikee West, called “West Coast Madness”. Its a true West Coast hit, and Oso is known for being a lyrical hip hop artist. The video captures the West Coast lifestyle of Los Angeles, from lowriders, to fast bikes, women and good weather. Directed by our friend Adam Roberts Make sure to check out the video below and support, because we always have to support those who support us!

 Oso Vicious ft. Rikee West – West Coast Madness – Music Video

xSetForLifex Tee Releasing This Thursday

Coming Soon to the Old English Brand Flagship Shop and our online store is a brand new design collaboration we did with our friends at Urban Kings. We have collaborated with them on multiple projects, like the Heavy Lies The Crown Tee, the Ms Krazie Collaboration Collection and the Chino Grande “Trust Your Struggle Tee“.  Now we join forces again to bring you a really fresh design called the Set For Life Tee. We will have this design exclusively in Olive Green and Black. It releases this Thursday, May 19th. Make sure to stay updated as the release comes up! We will have it inside The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online!

UFC Sells for $4.6 Billion

After weeks of speculation that Zuffa was being bought out, it has been a huge rumor with inside sources that today the UFC is officially sold. UFC Majority Owners Frank and Lorenzo Feritta bought The Ultimate Fighting Championship company under own company, Zuffa LLC. They only paid $2 Million for the company  back in 2001. With the report coming in today, they have sold the company for a whopping $4.2 Billion dollars. Although the UFC was already a huge company in 2001, the Fertitta brothers along with Minority Owner Dana White shifted the company to a global sport worldwide, dominating the Mixed Martial Arts market, obtaining the best talented fighters in the sport, signing television deals, creating the UFC video games, and various successful PPV events that continue to raise both PPV numbers and live gates. The deal is expected to sell everyones stock in the company, with the un-known purchasing company owning full rights, yet the deal might include to keep Dana White as UFC President with a stock option if he wishes to continue his job and own the company. Sources say Dana would remain with the company, but has stated he wouldn’t know if he could stay with a company if it was ever bought out.

Zuffa estimated this year alone, UFC is expected to gross $200 Million. (Please note the selling of UFC has not been confirmed by the UFC until their press conference.)

Sicker Than Your Average

Old English Brand released a very popular tee from our past collection called “Sicker Than Your Average“. It features a crazy typography design on a black tee with grey lettering. Its a really dope tee and became a fan favorite with everyone. Here is a really dope photo we took with Los Angeles rapper LA Problemz of Smooth Hustle. He is also a boxer and just won his 15th fight a week before the photo shoot. The Sicker Than Your Average tee caught his eye and we did a photo shoot for it. It is available now in our online store, in sizes M – 3XL. Make sure to stay posted for more photos from Old English Brand!