7 Eleven’s Movement is being recognized by OC Weekly.

My boss got a call today(Thursday) and asked me to look up online the OC weekly. At first I was like why but then he told me to search 711. Then as we had the page loading me and my boss in front of the computer screen with coo-lade smiles when the page revealed that the OC weekly did a report on Chicano Rap Artist being sold in Southern Cal 7-eleven called Thank 7-eleven for Chicano Music Heaven?. Its one of the greatest feeling to see that our work goes unnoticed. And guess whose CD had the snap shot of the report…. Ms. Krazie! From her new album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. The sales are going so good that 7 elevens are going to be expanding it to other 7 elevens in other cities like DALLAS, COLORADO SPRINGS, LONGMONT, SALT LAKE CITY, LAS VEGAS,PHOENIX, BELLEVUE, WA just meantion a few. So now you can get your 40′s, zig zags , slushie and an Urban Kings Cd all at the same place. No matter which Southern Cal 7 eleven you go to they all smell the same. Click here to see which Southern Cal 7- elevens are selling our CDs and if they don’t have them demand them!!! Check out the report here.

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Set For Life Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow is almost here, and its goin down. The release date for the brand new “Set For Life Tee” is counting down in hours. We about that life, where we push to win and work towards what we want. Set For Life doesn’t mean that your rich and dont have to worry about money anymore. Its about putting in that work to get rich. Putting in that work to get to where you want to be. The success is so much sweeter when you work for it, and when you get to where you wanna be, you work even harder to get even further. Its that never give up, never be satisfied, and always keep that hustle and ambition inside you. The Set For Life tee releases tomorrow and thats our mentality. Available at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Our Online Store!

Its going to be a good friday!

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Catch us In San Diego! July 26, 2009

As we keep growing we will keep hitting different cites with our product. This time we will be in San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium Extreme Auto feast July 26, 2009. So make sure you stop by out both and show some support. More info on the show you can visit www.extremeautofest.com
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OE Spotlight – You Gots To Chill Slippers

Old English Brand would like to showcase one of our most popular items in our Footwear Collection. We feature the OE “You Gots To Chill Slippers“, a product that has become in demand since its release. These feature the signature Bandana scheme with the paisley print. These are a very comfortable slipper that can be worn in house or out in public. I remember when we released these, Wiz Khalifa and his bodyguard requested a pair and we met with them in Vegas to hang out and give these to him, as well as Compton Menace. We sizes  6.5 to 13 available in our store. Make sure to check them out and represent! Here in the OE Spotlight, see the You Got To Chill Slippers in a closer view!

You Gots To Chill Slippers, available in Black

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Always Get The Side Eye

We Started From The Bottom

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Skull And Bones – New Tank Top – First Look

We are giving everyone the first look at the brand new Old English Brand “Skull & Bones” tank top. This is an exclusive new tank that we will be releasing for our brand new season, called “Sorry We’re Late, Here’s Summer Collection”. The concept of this shirt was creativity, showing the skull and bones, with the “Established 1996″ logo on the left, and Expire is N/A, aka Not Applicable, because we cant stop. We work harder and harder and never plan to fail or quit. That is what this shirt symbolizes. Do what you love to do and leave something that will remain in the world forever. Here is some exclusive shots of our brand new shirt, which will be available very soon!

“Skull & Bones” will be available in a tank top in black, sizes M – 3XL

What Will Your Legacy Be?

“Skull & Bones” Coming Soon Through Old English Brand