7 Eleven’s Movement is being recognized by OC Weekly.

My boss got a call today(Thursday) and asked me to look up online the OC weekly. At first I was like why but then he told me to search 711. Then as we had the page loading me and my boss in front of the computer screen with coo-lade smiles when the page revealed that the OC weekly did a report on Chicano Rap Artist being sold in Southern Cal 7-eleven called Thank 7-eleven for Chicano Music Heaven?. Its one of the greatest feeling to see that our work goes unnoticed. And guess whose CD had the snap shot of the report…. Ms. Krazie! From her new album Firme Homegirl Oldies 2. The sales are going so good that 7 elevens are going to be expanding it to other 7 elevens in other cities like DALLAS, COLORADO SPRINGS, LONGMONT, SALT LAKE CITY, LAS VEGAS,PHOENIX, BELLEVUE, WA just meantion a few. So now you can get your 40′s, zig zags , slushie and an Urban Kings Cd all at the same place. No matter which Southern Cal 7 eleven you go to they all smell the same. Click here to see which Southern Cal 7- elevens are selling our CDs and if they don’t have them demand them!!! Check out the report here.

Posted By Alejandra

Old English Brand Streetwear Fashion Show by Couture Hollywood

We are proud to premier the video from the Streetwear Fashion Show by Couture Hollywood featuring Old English Brand! Our clothing was featured in the fashion show runway, as well as models wearing our clothing through the event. We captured a few moments of the event, including the review and runway of many different Old English Brand Tees, Tanks, Baseball Tees, Womens Racerbacks and more! Watch the video and stay posted to our blog for more info on our upcoming Fall Collection!

Plead the 5th

Check out our latest shirt Plead The 5th. This is probably one of the dopest shirts that we have done. It is sure to be a hot seller! Make sure you get yours before everyone else does! CLICK HERE

Old English Brand On Set

Did you know that Old English Brand was featured in a music video by Compton Menace featuring Wiz Khalifa on a track called “Aint Changin Me”. Old English Brand was on set the whole day, hanging out with Menace, Wiz, Hollywood Donut, Chino Grande and more. We gave Menace a few Tees to choose from, and he really liked the OE “University Tee“, which is available now on our site. Make sure to check out the video and support Old English Brand, Wiz, Menace and the video. And you never know when you might see OE featured in Music Videos, so be on the lookout for us!

Its Just Business When Your Set For Life

With the release of the new tee, we made a short commercial video showcasing the brand new design, “Set For Life” with sexy model Valerie Vargas. With certain designs, they just speak for themselves. No gimmick, or camera tricks or special effects. Its just the person and the clothing. Set For Life is a lifestyle that is so full of ambition that pushes for greatness. And once greatness is achieved, to go even further. The Set For Life Tee is available now exclusively at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online inside Our Online Store! Todays special release will come with some free wine and a limited edition pin!

Looking At You – OE Video Campaign

Old English Brand did a photography campaign collaboration with our friends from BUMS clothing. We recorded and documented the shoot, which featured hip hop artist/actor Gunz Lozano. He was recently in the television shows “Gang Related”, “Scandal”, “Bones” and more. He was also featured in Music Videos for A$AP RockyCalvin HarrisTinasheMaino and more. The photos came out amazing, and the video campaign came out awesome as well. Make sure to watch the video above and see what magic we created together.