Breaking News About Ms Krazie

Urban Kings Music Group BREAKING NEWS. UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has just inked an exclusive sponsorship deal with Uber Virgin Hair. To celebrate the partnership, Uber Virgin Hair has named their platinum blonde hair color after Ms Krazie, creatively naming it the “Ms Krazie Platinum Blonde 613″. You will be able to see Ms Krazie modeling her new Uber Virgin Hair very soon. Uber Virgin Hair has all different colors and lengths available, for every taste and style. They have great deals on hair online at their website at! Make sure to visit their site and check them out!

Was This Kanye’s Inspiration For Boost?

I was looking at Kanye’s Boost 350s this weekend, thinking about gettin some at RIF.LA or stopping by Fight Club on Fairfax to check them out. Then I started wondering what was Kanye’s influence of that design. Being in fashion, influence comes from ideas taken from anything and everything, from something in your face, to something sub-concious. When I got to RIFLA, I was looking at the Yeezys, and I started to notice a design I had seen before. Of course not the same exact design, but something very similar to the one I had in mind. Back in the day, before Mike Jordan created his Jordan Brand with Nike, there was one company who started to challenge Nike for it’s basketball line. Not only for the shoe game, but for its apparel. The company was And1 and built its company based on the urban basketball trends, which was the first to make long basketball shorts, btw. Then Jordan eventually created Jordan brand with even longer basketball shorts and the iconic Jumpman logo and took over the basketball apparel game. But back then, And1 was at the top of its game for being a newer, fresher and smaller independent company. And when I had the Yeezys in my hand, I couldn’t help but thinking of those shoes And1 released back in the days, called the “ToChillin”. The ToChillin shoes came out around 20 years ago, and you can see the resemblance of the shoe, minus the minor details like shoe strings and different soles. I posted a photo of the Yeezys Pirate Blacks & the And1 ToChilin (which was re-released in 2013 called “Too Chillin”). What do you think? Let us know at the Old English Brand Facebook Page!

K Yung Sportin Old English Brand

K Yung & Compton Menace In The Studio

Heavy Lies The Crown

K Young & Filmed By JLew

We had these pictures submitted to us by K Yung, who is a really dope artist from Texas. He came down to Cali to work on some new music and film a couple new music videos. During his whole trip, he just filmed music videos, and was making music in the studio. Everyone knows a King is always on his grind, even when he’s out of town. K Yung is wearing the “OE Heavy Lies The Crown Tee” which has become a favorite to many artists. K Yung has also been in the music game for a minute, working with many known Texas and Cali rappers, including BWS Compton Menace. They have a really dope song together taken from K Yungs new mixtape “Gucci Belts N Duffle Batz“, called Live My Life. Shout out to K Yung, Compton Menace and Filmed By JLew.

Shut Up And Dance!!

Today is Friday, and I want to post a video of the fun commercial parody we did called “Shut Up And Dance”. It was a very fun and positive video shoot that featured Old English Brand Creative Team Member Jaime C Diaz Jr dancing around doing casual dance moves to a very smooth beat. The commercial features the OE “Stay On Your Toes” and it is available now in the OE Store! It is available in sizes M – 3XL.

She Wants A Ride

By now you should have seen the pictures of this lovely woman. Hopefully you check out the the shirt and not just the girl. Thats our OE Shiel II. Its dope! Expect to see more pics with her soon.

Eriberto Oriol for Altamont Video

Here is a video of Eriberto Oriol talking about his most recognized photos. A dope look at some of his work.