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Do you follow UKMG Artist Ms Krazie on Instagram yet? Did you also know that she does not go by Ms Krazie on Instagram? Her instagram name is Hello Loca, and she always posts cool stuff on her instagram, from concerts and shows, to vacations and autograph signings. She has over 38,000 followers on Instagram and is getting more followers every day. She also replies to fans regularly. Make sure to follow her today on Instagram by Click Here.

Join Us Today To Unveil Ms Krazie’s Mural

Catch the Ms Krazie art exhibit of her mural at it’s glory live this Monday from 3-5 in East L.A on Ford and 5th. Come visit us and the world famous artist Sand Oner this Monday sponsored by Jarritos which means Free drinks for everyone while supply’s last. Ms Krazie merch will be available! Will the Loca hats and Krazie hat be Available? Who knows show up and find out. Old English Brand  tees will be available along with Ms Krazie entire CDs collection and other Urban Kings merch. Come take pics and meet other fans! It’s going to be a beautiful day so bring the family this is all ages! Old English Brand, Ms Krazie and Urban Kings all work our very best to continue to do great things for the community and the clothing industry. We are  happy to say we do this for our fans, supporters and representers, and we always give the appreciation back to those who support us. Feel free to grab this image and but on all social media and websites.


The Exact Address is :

498 South Ford Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90022

OE Showcase – West Tee

Today we bring you another Old English Brand showcase, and this time, we feature the brand new OE “West Tee Shirt“. The West Tee was part of the Old English Brand Summer Collection. It has been one of the top sellers of the line and we wanted to show everyone a better look at this new tee. Its personally one of my favorites and with the matching “West Snapback Hats“, but today we are focusing on the West Tee. Available in Black with Grey, and we have all sizes in stock now!

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OE Sponsored Music Video – Chino Grande – Shine On Me

We have a brand new music video that Old English Brand has sponsored for one of our exclusively sponsored artists. This is a music video by Chino Grande, featuring Carolyn Rodriguez, called “Shine On Me“, taken from Chino’s upcoming album “Trust Your Struggle“. This is a very dope music video, and we are proud to have been apart of it, along with Chino and his record label, UKMG. This song is the very first single from Chino’s album, and its really heartfelt and honest, as this is Chino Grande’s first recorded song since coming home. Everyone make sure to check out the video! It was directed by our friends at Echosworld Films.

Old English Brand Interview With ISuppose

Old English Brand always has some good interviews with talented artists from all over. Hip Hop artist ISuppose came down to the OE Warehouse to do a photoshoot rocking our gear and for an interview to give fans another in depth look into hip music and ambition. He has been touring heavy the last few years, performing with artists like PhoraReverie and more. He has been working on his tour for 2016, scheduling many cities and states to be part of his movement. He will be taking some special guests with him. We had a really dope and deep interview with ISuppose for the interview, and we have made a part 1 and part 2 for it. Here is the first half of the interview! ISuppose is rocking the OE “Life’s A Risk Tee“, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and inside the OE Online Store!

1. Who were your early hip hop influences?

I Suppose : I was influenced by the Chicano Rap culture. I would listen to Mr. Shadow, Lil Rob, Urban Kings, stuff like that. Then, around high school, I really got into the underground hip hop scene, like Planet Asia, Dilated Peoples, 2Mex and Immortal Techniques. Then once i got a lil older, I started getting into the roots of hip hop, like Gangstarr, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, stuff of that nature.

2. Tell us about your #Truth Movement, how you came up with the idea and where you would like it to go.

I Suppose : A lot of people know me from the Yours Truly movement, with Phora and Anthro Beats, and I was the tour manager and the manager for the group, doing all the behind the scenes stuff. Then Phora created the Yours Truly Clothing. Then I felt at one point, for business purposes, I had to re-create my identity. It was the perfect timing to branch out and try something new. #Truth is something I would always hashtag something on Instagram, and when I would write something, it would just felt weird if I didn’t put it. Then l decided to implement the name into the fan merch. And now its still developing into something bigger with new styles. Now people are seeing it as a new identity that gets along with other group.

3. You have performed everywhere, out of all your shows, what do you think is the fan favorite as a performed song?

I Suppose : I have this song thats called “Te Quero”, which is a spanish song I wrote for my mom, which is a fan favorite. Its like “I love you mom”. Its the only song I perform at every single show since l released it, over 350 times in the last three years. When I perform in the East Coast, or even out the country, like Europe, l still perform that song.

4. If you can collab with any three artists, as of 2016, who would it be?

I Suppose : As much as I want to say the bigger artists, like J Cole or Kendrick Lamar, but in the last year or two, I already collab’d with Reverie and I was on King Lil G’s mixture. And this year, I want to work with Snow Tha Product, Ms Krazie, and the third spot is Apollo Brown, who is one of my favorite producers right now.

Dream On Dreamer – New Commercial

We are ready to present to everyone the brand new commercial brought to you by Old English Brand. “Dream On Dreamer” is another project we have been working on to show how dedicated and motivated and inspired we are, and to listen to the words in this video, and that provides us self motivation to work harder and make our time more valuable to not waste it. There are speeches like this that give you that spark to not only work harder and more efficient, but that will also make you a better person and more successful in any type of business. We also worked with a few professional skaters who also felt our message and our vision for the commercial. And with power director Jeff “Echo” Reyes from Echosworld Films at the helm filming and directing this, it came out perfect. Dream On Dreamer shows that you can have many dreams, but its up to you to achieve them! Below are a few Still Frames that we took while we were filming this commercial, Enjoy!

Ridin Till The Wheels Fall Off

Ridin Dirty

Old English Reigns Supreme