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Do you follow UKMG Artist Ms Krazie on Instagram yet? Did you also know that she does not go by Ms Krazie on Instagram? Her instagram name is Hello Loca, and she always posts cool stuff on her instagram, from concerts and shows, to vacations and autograph signings. She has over 38,000 followers on Instagram and is getting more followers every day. She also replies to fans regularly. Make sure to follow her today on Instagram by Click Here.

Entourage Movie Trailer

Warner Bros released a movie trailer that made the internet buzz with excitement. It premiered the movie trailer for the upcoming Entourage Movie. With the beginning scene, it shows an underground rave scene as Vincent Chase returns, alongside DJ Calvin Harris, for a movie being filmed within the film. The party scene brings back memories of how Los Angeles underground parties used to be. Seemingly random locations, lasers, bass, and the people. Entourage captured it all within seconds, then returns to its familiar faces as E, Turtle, Drama and Ari return to the screen for the very anticipated Entourage Movie. Set to release June, 2015, cameos are crazy, featuring Calvin Harris, UFC Champ Ronda Rousey, Mark Wahlberg and Emily Ratajkowski. Im really excited about watching this movie, and this trailer is amazing. Check it out here at Old English Brand!

Money Never Sleeps

Old English Brand Flagship Shop is now open to the public! You can now come down to look and find your favorite Old English Brand item from our entire collection. From Tee Shirts, Sweaters, Tank Tops, Snapbacks, Bandanas, Beanies and Ski Masks, we have it all. We also have clothing for women, including the Racerback Tank Tops and the Off The Shoulder Sweater (with more items coming soon). We also have many different accessories, including the OE “Money Never Sleeps” Pillow, available now at the OE Flagship Store and in our online store now! Visit us now at Old English Brand Flagship Shop!

Respect The Hustle

I been in the Old English Office since 9am today, and when I came in, I was sporting the OE “In The Trenches Tank Top“, because the weather was nice and sunny this morning. After a few hours, it was lunchtime, so I grabbed my keys and open the door, and the weather was crazy cold. The weather change has been weird this year, going daily from real hot to real cold. Good thing I work at Old English, because I just grabbed my OE “Street Breed Crew Neck“, threw on a OE “Original Grey Beanie” then headed out. While at lunch, I ran into DSG Artist Problemz, and we were talking about when we did our photo shoot with him for the sweater I was wearing. We looked at a few photos taken during the shoot and they came out dope. I will be rocking the sweater all weekend through town and we will be scheduling some new photo shoots very soon with some artists and models!


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Interviews and Media

We have some brand new photos of Old English Brand from The Bank Sale that was last weekend. The Bank Sale sold out of tickets half way through the event, and we want to show everyone that wasn’t able to make the event how the atmosphere looked. There was a huge crowd of people that were browsing through each shop, finding their favorite brands, and buying direct. We had 3 exclusive designs that were an early release that was only available at The Bank Sale. Here are some of the photos that were taken by our staff, so you can check them out and know what to expect for our next clothing expo! Stay tuned to our site for some cool pictures!

Mister Cartoon x LA Kings

We found this very dope clip of a collaboration between world renown artist Mister Cartoon and the LA Kings. Mister Cartoon is one of my personal favorite artists, in both the tattoo world, as well as artwork design, from painting, air brush and sketch. Cartoon took on the task of designing a few different items for the collaboration collection, designing and creating a custom goalie mask for Kings Goalie Jonathan Quick, and creating a brand new LA Kings Merch Line that includes Tee’s, Sweaters and Hats. The collaboration also featured a custom canvas painting that will be auctioned, with the proceeds going towards charity, which will be the Para Los Ninos, a non profit education and family service center in the Los Angeles area. The video also features LA Kings legend Luc Robitaille, who is now the LA Kings  The collection has been two year in the making, with its official debut this month. We have this awesome video above, shot by another super dope photographer and videographer, Estevan Oriol, who is also a exceptional artist and another one of my favorite creative artist. We also have another video below, shot by, who was on hand at the unveiling of the Mister Cartoon and LA Kings Collaboration, shows exclusive designs, and interviews Mister Cartoon and Luc Robitaille about the final outcome of this dope collection.