La Loca’s Lesson #34

by feeling that emptiness inside by todays events, i know it will make me so much more of a better person tomorrow and im ok with that.


Shine On Me – Music Video – Behind The Scenes

Chino Grande – Khool Aid – Jimmy The OE Creative Director

Chino Grande & Carolyn Rodriguez

Chino Grande – Liz – OE Creative Director Jimmy

We are still hard at work, spreading the Old English Brand name far and wide. We recently sponsored a music video by Chino Grande from The Urban Kings Music Group. It is his first music video in over 2 years. Old English Brand Creative Director Jimmy went to the Music Video Shoot, and spent the day behind the scenes with Chino Grande, the staff of Echosworld Films, who directed and filmed the music video, and special guests, such as Carolyn Rodriguez, who is featured on the song, and Khool Aid, from the nationally syndicated radio show “Pocos Pero Locos”. The video came out awesome and it will be the first video to feature some of our new 2013 designs. We have a few pictures Jimmy took behind the scenes, and we will be posting the music video trailer, behind the scenes videos, and much more cool stuff. If you are an artist, celebrity, athlete or model and looking for sponsorship, email us by Clicking Here.

Old English Brand – Dream On Dreamer – Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day we will be debuting our brand new commercial, called “Dream On Dreamer”. We have dropped a few still frames from the commercial, a small sneak peak about what the commercial will show. We have worked endlessly on finding the right message that will help anyone and everyone change for the better. We found the perfect words that perfectly describes how we work and how our work ethic is unmatched. Tomorrow, the commercial will be releasing, so please check our blog tomorrow for the exclusive commercial from us, Old English Brand, called Dream On Dreamer!

OE Touches Down With Ron Artest

Old English Brand caught up with NBA Player Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace last weekend to play football on the sand. We have been good friends with Ron since he arrived in Los Angeles to play for The Lakers, thats about 4 years. And everyone once in a while, we would go out to different beaches, and play some football, bbq some good food, and just hang out with friends. We brought Ron the brand new OE “In The Trenches” Tank Top Print to sport, since it was really hot. We didn’t get too many pictures of the game, because we were all playing, but here are some just hanging out, and some random fans that were walking down the beach and recognized Ron. We cant wait to play again, especially since this time I was on his team, because most of the time we are against each other lol.

After The Game & After Lunch

Fans Recognizing Ron and Taking A Pic

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Old English Brand Spotted In Germany

These picture were sent if straight from Germany. They were printed on a national magazine out there. If you notice the guy in the hat is wearing the “Orange County”  Old English Brand shirt. Thanks to Bjoern for sending these photos in. We didn’t quite catch why he choose the orange county shirt but it feels great to see our shirts around the world.

There are no Angels in Los Angeles

There are no Angels in Los Angeles – Photo : Burst Rock

Here is a new look at the L.A. Old English Brand shirt which is called the “Los Angeles City Of Angels Where There Are No Angels” . Los Angeles has never been just a city or a place to live in, it has been a way of life, culture and fashion. Los Angeles is known for being the City of Angels, but the reality is, there are no Angels. With citizens that “Hustle Hard” , “Pleading The Fifth” and that “Fear No One”, Old English Brand is innovating the lifestyle that is in the streets. Not just Los Angeles, Not just in your town, or city or state, or even country. We represent ourselves to the world. WILL YOU REPRESENT WITH US?

The LA – Where There Are No Angels Shirt is currently available now in Black, which is our STAFF’S COLOR CHOICE. To pick your favorite color shirt, Click Here .

Lookin Good From All Angles
Real Straight Forward