Ms Krazie Meeting A Young Fan At Spring Bash

Ms Krazie wrapped up her set for Spring Bash/Hello Loca 2012 Tour in Yakima, Washington and was in her dressing room, when one of the promoters knocked on her door, and asked her if she would be able to meet a young fan who went to the concert to meet her. Knowing Ms Krazie for years, I personally knew what Ms Krazie’s answer was going to be. OF COURSE! Ms Krazie stops and talks and likes to take pictures with everybody. I know she really wanted to take pictures at this event, but with the Spring Bash being such a huge event, she didnt have an area to meet everyone. So Ms Krazie starts to make her way towards the side of the stage where the security had the family, and the little girl couldnt want and grabbed Ms Krazie like you seen in the picture. They hugged for a long while, while Ms Krazie, the little girl and her family were all honored by the experiance to meet each other. The picture shows the exact scene of how it was and the picture came out amazing!



Baking in the Oven

As day is getting close, where this website will never be the same again. As new Old English Brand website is in its finial touch ups and getting ready to get launched. We have to admit that we had fun with this style. But like the saying goes out with the Old in with the New. Always doing the best and never getting any sleep (the boss lol)

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Up for grabs

A lost and found item is up for grabs (its been here for the longest and we don’t know who they belong to). Be the first to claim them when you place your order. Just leave a message saying you want the lost and found glasses and they are yours.

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Jasper Loco Visited The OEB Office Today

At the Old English Brand office, we always have cool guests come through our warehouse to hang out and show us some exclusive brand new music before it hits the stores or the streets. From Jasper Loco, to Maybach Music’s Fat Trel, to Baby Bash, to Bricksquad Artist YG Hootie and Big Sloan of Mo Thugs. We hear alot of music before it hits the stores, and know what will be dropping soon. Earlier, Jasper Loco came down to our office and let us listen to half his new mixtape, which will be distributed through his record label, Urban Kings Music Group. The mixtape is dope, and will be coming later this year for FREE! Here is a very exclusive sneak peak of one of the photos we took while he was visiting us. Stay posted to our  blog to see more pictures and listen to some dope tracks by Jasper Loco.

OE Behind The Scenes Photoshoot With King Lil G

Today is Friday, so today imma try something new and do a Flashback Friday. Im going to go into the Old English Brand vault and bring out a classic video. I found one that I started to preview, but ended up watching the whole clip, and laughing through it because I remember how cool the day was. We scheduled a photo shoot, and we made an official Behind The Scenes video to go along with the shoot. It was with King Lil G and he sported some of my favorite designs. Like the OE “California Love” Tee, the “OE Division” Tee, and the OE “University” Tee, just to name a few. Make sure to watch the video, its on the brink of reaching 100,000 views on Youtube! The video was directed and shot by Echosworld, as well as the photography!

Just flew in by UPS..

Our new stickers just came in.. . Front and back shot..  The back of this stickers shows various logo that we have worked on or will be using. I Will add them to our online store soon!