Ms Krazie Meeting A Young Fan At Spring Bash

Ms Krazie wrapped up her set for Spring Bash/Hello Loca 2012 Tour in Yakima, Washington and was in her dressing room, when one of the promoters knocked on her door, and asked her if she would be able to meet a young fan who went to the concert to meet her. Knowing Ms Krazie for years, I personally knew what Ms Krazie’s answer was going to be. OF COURSE! Ms Krazie stops and talks and likes to take pictures with everybody. I know she really wanted to take pictures at this event, but with the Spring Bash being such a huge event, she didnt have an area to meet everyone. So Ms Krazie starts to make her way towards the side of the stage where the security had the family, and the little girl couldnt want and grabbed Ms Krazie like you seen in the picture. They hugged for a long while, while Ms Krazie, the little girl and her family were all honored by the experiance to meet each other. The picture shows the exact scene of how it was and the picture came out amazing!



Welcome To The Comfort Zone

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Old English Brand presents a brand new video campaign called “Comfort Zone“. It is another hot commercial created by the OE Creative Team and features Bergumuz. The video is very sexy and one of our best yet. Watch how comfortable our model is as she poses for the camera in her favorite tees. She showcases the OE “Natives“, “Hard Knock Baseball Tee“, “Ill Tempered Pocket Print ” and the OE “Members Only Snapback Hats“. There are really no words how to describe how awesome this video is, so make sure to watch the video and check back with us tomorrow for some pictures from our photo shoot! Each item is available now in the Old English Brand Store!

Behind The Scenes Of Our 2014 Lookbook

OE and Melissa Marie

This weekend we did a photo shoot with Melissa Marie during a gloomy Saturday Morning. The weather was cold, the colors in the sky and water were precise, and it made for an amazing setting. Have you ever done something and everything came out exactly the way you wanted it? Thats how I felt going into this shoot, as everything worked for the best, from the weather to the photos, everything came out perfect. Melissa wore the Old English Brand “Division Seal” Tee Shirt along with the OE “Prestigious Thermal Knitted Beanie“, and it looked perfect for this shoot. Here are more photos taken from the day. We also shot a dope video that will be coming out really soon, and if you have seen any of the past Old English Brand videos, its another creative visual of OE and Melissa Marie!

Meet Melissa Marie

A Perfect Day For A Shoot

Just Wait For The Video

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Live Art By Sand One At The Old English Brand Booth

Old English Brand has just confirmed famed street artist Sand One to create some live artwork exclusively at the Old English Brand Booth inside The Bank Sale. Located at Booth # D8, we will also have a few special guests in our booth as well. We have made a very dope video promoting the show, and I must say it came out perfect. The video was directed by Famous8. We have worked with Sand One closely in the past few months, collaborating with Sand and Urban Kings to create the Ms Krazie Wall Mural. Make sure to visit us at The Bank Sale on February 8th at The Los Angeles Convention Center! This clothing expo is available to the general public and all ages! I also heard a very dope All Pro Wide Receiver was also going to come down to The Bank Sale to browse through the expo.Make sure to order your tickets by Clicking Here.


Plank to Talk

Ever planked before? Go to a random place lie flat on something and get your buddy to take a picture. Who says you can’t plank while you work. We got everyone to do it don’t tell the boss he is to entertained planking on the highest shelf lol.(see last pic)

And for the people that say thats wack try it for yourself you’ll be hook. So many places to plank from that its a contest who can pull the most outrages plank.

dont judge.. lol

Its harder, funnier that it looks you really got have courage to do it (and no not courage juice people die that way lol). Send us the crazy planks you do and we will post them so everyone can see your earned stripes.

Plank on anything/anywhere you can (we did it in our warehouse). Get people’s attention (its an ice breaker lol) the more people join to do it the more creative it gets. Its a social hobby I guess.