Ms Krazie Special Message

Ill Tempered In Your Favorite Color

We got what you need. In 4 different colors. What better options when we give you the choice to pick your color. Its the Old English Brand “Ill Tempered Pocket Tee“, and you can choose the color you want it in. We have BurgundyBlueWhite and Green. This pocket tee has been a popular design from our collection for those who dont give a fuck and let it be known. Sometimes you don’t got to say it, you just wear it. This pocket tee is available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop, open Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm. Our address is 11781 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670.

OE Model Kissing Zac Efron On MTV!

Old English Brand featured model Tiffany Luce was a featured guest on the MTV Movie Awards this year. MTV did a skit with Zac Efron, Seth Rogen and Dave Franco. You can see Tiffany as she wins the chance to meet and kiss Zac Efron, live on stage in front of the world. We had just released the brand new Old English Brand video called “The Truth“, a commercial that we had completed that showcased the OE “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee” that is available now! Ill Tempered is one item from the Old English Brand Summer Collection! Make sure to view it along with our brand new designs in our online store! Also make sure to watch the OE  ”The Truth” commercial below, staring Tiffany Luce!

Old English Brand Presents – The Truth

Put It Together

Here is another image we put together of the Old English Brand “Division Seal“. This is one of the most popular shirts we have released thus far. With a fresh coloring of Black and Grey, the shirt is easily matchable with all colors. With the classic but bold design, Old English Brand Division Seal gives the look of a very fashionable image. We will show you how we would match this shirt, starting with the Division Seal Tee. Secondly, we would choose shoes to match the shirt, and for this instance, we will grab some charcoal grey Nike Janoski’s. Next is pants, which we will grab some jet black Levi’s, that would go perfect with the shirt and the shoes. Last is the headwear, which will be the final item, we can grab a simple charcoal grey beanie, it can be a beanie or a skullcap. Like we said, this shirt can match with anything!

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All Packed Up

Old English Brand has released some really cool colors as part of our backpack collection. They are called the OE “Venture Backpacks” and we have over 10 different colors now in stock and available to order. Traveling all over the country on various assignments, from photoshoots, to last minute road trips and just going on a long hikes in different areas, we thought this is perfect to put your belongings on your back and take them with you. It has saved my life on a quick trip I had to take, and running down Runyon Canyon, I just throw a few waters and towels in the Venture, then exercise up the mountain. I put together some different angles of the Venture, so you can get a better view, and see why we love it so much! Today, we showcase the Venture Backpack in Camo, available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Todays Hours – 12pm to 6pm