Rap Like Ms Krazie Contest Extravaganza!

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Old English Brand Is Swangin In My Lac


Old English Brand was featured in a brand new music video! This time, it comes from the dirty south, Houston, Texas by Dopehouse Artist Dat Boi T and featuring Dopehouse Records Artist Low G and Lucky Luciano. The song is called “Swangin In My Lac“.You can see Low G rocking the upcoming Old English Brand “Blow Trees” T- Shirt that will be releasing as part of the OE Summer Collection. Did you know we did a limited time release of Blow Trees, making it available for one weekend only. Make sure to support the video by watching it above! It already has 50,000 views! Lets keep it going!

Ms Krazie Mural Event Was Awesome

Yesterday, we did a very special event with World Famous Artist Sand One, Recording Artist Ms Krazie and her record label Urban Kings and the whole event was sponsored by Jarritos. This was a very positive event, showcasing some beautiful artwork of Ms Krazie that was designed and created by Sand One. This was made with the idea of this image being a mural on the side of a building, all legally, in Los Angeles. We had fans come to the unveiling of the design from all over California, to meet Sand One, meet Old English Brand and Urban Kings, and take pictures in front of the Ms Krazie mural. Please know that this picture was taken yesterday BEFORE the event started, and the video footage will show everyone that came out to the event and supported!

The Streets Are Calling

Most of us grew up having some street influence in them. From growing up in the city, rough neighborhood or even our friends that influenced us into their world. Now, now, in my opinion being street doesn’t necessarily mean you ganged banged or sold drugs. At least we are not going to talk about that part of the lifestyle. I wanted to acknowledge how the street culture and the environment influences our mentality to becoming entrepreneurs. The breed of street people that are born with a dream and the drive to succeed. These people are the street philosophers, the thinkers and the opportunist. They sit back and watch, like wolves waiting for the right moment to catch a prey and eat. I use this example because when you are hungry and the odds are against you because of where you grew up or the color of your skin, these individuals tend to work extremely hard to succeed, against all odds.

They know how to earn a dollar. Take it, re-up and sale more. Flip that dollar to make it two, three, four, to eventually becoming hundreds, and thousands. It is the hustle, the desire to live better. The urge to give their family a better way out. The dream to just become Set for life. But all that drive comes from answering that call and hitting the streets.

The Streets are calling, are you going to answer?


Black Friday Madness! Friday, Sat and Sunday..

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Young Kenos Video Shoot

Young Keno from Young Money did his photoshoot during this week and we captured this still frame from the music video of Young Keno wearing the Old English Brand – OE Flannel Classic . Young Keno is part of Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew.