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Fat Trel Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Menace 2 Society

We found this really dope clip of Old English Brand sponsored artist Fat Trel in the BET Presents “Hip Hop Stars Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Menace 2 Society”, which originally aired on May 24th, 2013. Fat Trel has been on an East Coast Tour for a few weeks, working with other well established artists. Fat Trel is one of the realest dudes in hip hop, traveling everywhere, hitting all cities, and getting love from all over. It was really dope working with Fat Trel on a photo shoot, not only because we are fans of his music, but because he always keeps it real. We will keep everyone posted on upcoming moves from Fat Trel, and make sure you stay posted to our blog so you can see what we are working on!

BET Presents – Hip Hop Stars Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Menace 2 Society

Look Whats Back In Stock

We have stocked up this week on a few of our top sellers that sold out. This tee was one of our favorites, the OE “Division Seal” Tee, has sold out of a few sizes, and we have been receiving emails when we were going to get those sizes back in. Well we are officially announcing that all sizes for The Old English Brand Division Seal Tee Shirt in Black are now available to order! This was a popular tee, because we have actually sold out of this tee a few times since its release. So make sure to check out the Division Seal Tee, and order today before it sells out again!

Im taggin and baggin bitches..

For two weeks i was waiting anxiously for these stickers to come in. When i got the UPS box and opened it i was stoked. The stickers came out perfect just as we imagined them. Since they came out so sick i want everybody to actually get a chance to see them, so we decided to include them free on every shirt. We have limited in stock and the best part is the back of the sticker. “Im taggin and Baggin Bitches cause my name is famous in the streets” OE VANDALS Series..

Feliz dia de los muertos

Old English Brand Gift Guide

Gift Guide Selection #1 – OE Hard Knock Baseball Tee

Gift Guide Selection #2 – Run ‘N Gun Tee

Hello Everyone! Today I was thinking about this weekend, what I was going to do for Father’s Day, because many of my friends asked me what would be a good gift idea. So I thought why not make a blog about it, with what I recommended to the friends who asked me. Some were personal friends, and some were friends from social media. I put together a few of my favorite shirts that would make a great gift for Dad, (Dad, you better not be reading my blog or it would be a huge spoiler alert, lol). If your dad is like my dad, then he would wear some designs that are new and that are fresh. The OE “Hard Knock” Baseball Tee and the OE “Run ‘N Gun” Tee are the first to come into mind, because they were the first two I thought to give my dad. I have a few more ideas too, so make sure to visit us tomorrow to get a few more ideas!