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Behind The Scenes Of YG Hootie x Asap Ant Video

Old English Brand was back on the music video set the other day for a brand new video for a song with YG Hootie of Bricksquad Monopoly and ASAP Mob’s own YG ADDIE. They were filming a music video for a brand new song that will be featured on YG Hooties next project. The video is going to be dope, because the song is dope, and I have really high expectations for the visuals. Because I seen the video being made and it looks like fire. We were their first hand and took these exclusive photos. The video set was confidential, but I managed to get a few photos for our blog. Stay updated with our blog for more information, including the premier of the music video, and more! Shout out to YG Hootie, YG Addie and T.K!

On Location

Wrap Up Photo

Kanye West Pop Up Concert Last Night

Kanye West announced a late night pop up New York concert last night on his twitter. His tweet was short, just ” “. His venue was New Yorks famous Webster Hall, that fits about 1,500 people. Since the tweet was published, thousands of fans headed towards the show. It would be the very first concert of his new album “The Life Of Pablo”. The show was scheduled for 2am, and first announced on 2Chainz snapchat. Then Yeezys creative director Virgil Abloh confirmed the show, not only announcing Kanye’s performance, but a full performance with all G.O.O.D Music artists, like Big Sean, Pusha T and Travi$ Scott. After 30 minutes of the initial announcement, the streets looked like the pictures above, filling 2 full blocks from the venue.

At 1A.M Kanye tweeted the show was now sold out, even though no tickets appeared to be available for purchase online or at the box office. At 1:15A.M, security and police began to start telling the crowds of people to leave, that no one was getting inside, but no one budged. They were all hopeful of being the first to see the Life Of Pablo concert.

With fans close to the front of the building doors, NYPD kept telling fans to leave the area (for about 20 minutes), saying Kanye will not be performing and no one is allowed inside the venue. Then, after about 25 minutes, a voice over a megaphone said “Everyone has to calm down, if you dont calm down, no one is going inside”. Everyone calmed down, everyone started to relax. Then it hit social media that Kanye was driving down Third Ave standing through the moonroof smiling and waving to fans that were far from entrance doors. Next, NYPD started clearing and sweeping the streets, and the venue staff announced that the show was not happening. Next, Abloh announced the show was cancelled.


G.O.O.D Music artists Pusha T, Travi$ Scott and 2 Chainz took there show to another venue and performed at SOB’s. Then another tweet came, this time from DONDA, the creative company made by Kanye, named in honor after his mom, that there was a venue re-location for his concert, now at the Trump SOHO. Not the next day, or a few hours, but RIGHT NOW! The crowd headed towards SOB x Trump Soho, not knowing the exact location of the show. Since the Trump Soho is a hotel, no one knew where Yeezy was at. With the crowd gaining more people into the mob headed towards the front door of the hotel, the doorman outside said there was no concert there, that Kanye wasn’t there, and the hotel didn’t know exactly what was going on.

After awhile, it became 3:30A.M, only about 100 people still waited in front of the hotel, hoping Kanye would still come through with his concert, but then, Kim Kardashian snapped from her bed, at 3:40A.M, telling everyone that her and Kanye were in bed, they both tried hard to make it happen, but the cops just wouldn’t allow it, which crushed the hopes of those faithful 100.

We will see if the show gets rescheduled randomly, either in NY, LA, London or where every Kanye feels like it.

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The Making Of Ms Krazie’s New Shirt

Old English Brand and Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie have collaborated on a new shirt, to commemorate the new Ms Krazie album “Forgive Not Forget”, which will be in stores worldwide on September 18th. This is the THIRD official collaboration between the two, with the beginning being the “Try Me” shirt, which is available now at retail stores and online, and the second being the “Hello Loca 2012 Tour” shirt, which is only available at Ms Krazie’s concerts, and might be available soon online. This is a short video from Kast of Kast & Fame, that was made showing you the behind the scenes of the “Forgive Not Forget” shirt. We cant really say too much without giving the details away!!!! Also we put in a sneak leak of a new Ms Krazie song from her new album, “Forgive Not Forget”!!! Visit our blog tomorrow to watch the video!