The OC Weekly talks about the Ms Krazie contest Winner

Once again thanks to OC Weekly for showing so much support and love on covering the Ms Krazie contest. Click on the pic below to hear what they got to say.. Make sure to leave your comments on there blog to show support.

The shipments have arrived..

This is just a section of our warehouse and the shirts are on there way to being processed..

187 x Old English Brand

Check out the some new pictures we took with Bigg Moe CEO 187 Inc. If you dont know about Bigg Moe or 187 inc. do your research. These came out extra nice, even though the sun was blazing and shinning down upon us.

You also get a sneak peak at the Old English Vandals promo shirt. Make sure you stay tuned for those because they’re extra nice.

OE Partying With OPM x RIF LA Tonight

Old English Brand will be attending a very dope, very exclusive event at world renown sneaker boutique RIF LA. RIF has always been a mainstay and the go-to shop when it comes to sneakers, for those limited edition and hard to find kicks. Tonight they are doing an event with OPM with special guests Dom Kennedy, Jay 305 and Niko G4. We are amped up to be invited to the event and we will be posting exclusive pictures from this event onto our blog, as well as the Old English Brand Instagram. Make sure to follow us on IG so you can see some new pictures from tonight!

Hustle & Flow

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The New

Old English Brand Commercial

Latino Culture And Its Growth On Streetwear in Los Angeles

Latino culture and streetwear are known together to be influenced based on various events in the United States from Latino movement in history and Chicano culture based on various lifestyles throughout Los Angeles. From political movements, immigration, affirmative action issues, religion and traditional celebration within Latino culture. And, Chicano influence being a barrier to modern streetwear based on experience growing in and from various Latino communities throughout Montebello and Los Angeles. As Latinos we have a strong influence and connection to our local brands, they all mean the most or take a strong place in resemblance to who we identify as ourselves. One growing start in the Latino Culture movement in streetwear comes from local designers just like Old English Brand, various local designers in Los Angeles and artists portraying real experiences in the communities into art and transcending the influence onto clothing. Many popular designs early developed within the 1990’s in Chicano streetwear from the graffiti style lettering and local urban drawings around the communities. One local designer in an interview I discovered from 1999 an article from the La times interviewed a Montebello streetwear designer working outside his home in Montebello named Anthony Cruz the founder of True Roots Streetwear, and what he had to say caught my attention. Cruz explains how most shirts in streetwear influenced by Latino culture can be seen with designs on “Brown pride”, The Mexican Revolution with Emiliano Zapata. The clothing Cruz states “A urban wear with a cultural twist to it.” Cruz explains how he and various designers use movements from Latino history and, its difficulty in much of the art found on various clothing. Among Cruz various Latino designers have aimed to promote Latino culture and urban influence since the 90’s into streetwear. Growing up I can identify with Cruz message having seen various shirts with messages among family members on my Latino side.Although since the 1990’s Latino growth among streetwear has begun a transcendence from Artists even in music doors have opened due to the contributions from  many different artists.

Although in modern time we find the influence of Latino culture in communities has increased, it has not always been so in the past twenty years. Something back then was overlooked because it was not popular on the market for many unsure or stated reasons in the media. Many of the designers in the film are Latino too and are half black and half Mexican, yet were not to profound in shouting out the Latino side. Many know the names that left a mark within Hip Hop Culture such as April Walker of Walker Wear who is half black and half Mexican and Karl Kani the Costa Rican and Panamanian father introduced him to the art of tailoring.

The industry’s still admits it has a hard time yet is in modern day trying to identify with the Latino community. Some say in the industry it is harder because of the Latino community being seen so diverse. Even, though minority Latino and African American make contributions to the industry, at the end of the day the power that you have is in your buying power.