Friday, February 17th, 2012

Our Soldiers Are Worldwide






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Friday, April 11th, 2014

Sick Jacken With A Psycho 62


Have you seen this picture of Psycho Realm’s Sick Jacken in front of his Psycho 62 Impala. He took a picture in front if it, and in front of a wall that was tagged up with the infamous Psycho Realm Gas Mask! Jack sent it to us for The Psycho Shop Blog. Make sure to stay posted on everything Psycho Realm and get your Psycho Realm gear by Visiting The Latest Arrivals!

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Lets Pow Wow This Weekend!



Perfect time for a Pow Wow, to just sit back in your Psycho Realm Gear and start a session. We cant provide you with the second part, but we can get ya that dope sick Psycho Realm Clothing. Make sure to look through our website to find your favorite tee at The Psycho Shop Latest Arrivals Section! You can also come down to our flagship shop because we will be open today Friday, Saturday & Sunday! For directions Click Here!

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Sick Jacken Runs Into A Fan


We just came across this dope picture of Joey Romero, who ran into one of the sickest rappers ever, Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm. He took this quick picture for his friends, because his friends wouldn’t believe him if he told them. So shout out to Joey for sending us this really dope picture and we keep our ears to the streets, so submit your pictures to us with Jack, Duke, Cynic, DJ FM, or of anything related to Psycho Realm, and we will post them up here on our blog. Just go to The Official Psycho Shop Facebook Page , LIKE US, Then tag us in a photo and we will post it on our blog!

Friday, June 14th, 2013

The Original Sick Symphonies Members – 2005


We found this old school picture of the original Sick Symphonies members from 2005, with Sick Jacken, DJ FM, Cynic and Crow Soto. This is a really dope and rare picture, so we thought we would share this with everyone and hope you psychos have a good weekend. See you on our blog on Monday! Remember, The Psycho Shop is open every weekend, so come down and hang out with us! CLICK HERE for directions!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Some Sick Tattoos In Palermo Chile



Check out this really dope picture I found of some sick Psycho Realm tattoo, taken from a fan in Palermo, Chile. Psycho Realm just toured Chile again last year, performing in Chile and Italy. Just wanted to share some sick artwork, tattoo work and remind you that its Psycho For Life and Sick Side Forever. Especially with the Temporary Insanity Gas Mask on your arm for life! Sick Side is everywhere. Every city, every country!