Monday, January 9th, 2012

Psycho realm Stencil


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Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

The Sick Life Shirt Back In Stock



We have just restocked The Psycho Shop with the top selling designs of the month. The first Psycho Realm Shirt we got in is the “Sick Life” and its now available and back in stock here at The Psycho Shop. We have all sizes, from Medium to 3XL. Since the release of the Sick Life, this tee has been a hot seller with everyone and has been out of different sizes for limited time. Today we wanted to showcase this sick shirt so you can see it a little better. Make sure to check it out and get yours today, because all popular sizes will be going quick!


The Sick Life



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Monday, October 20th, 2014

New Shirts And Snapbacks To The Psycho Shop!



The Psycho Shop has brand new items in our online store, including the “The Psycho Realm Classic Snapback Hat“! This is new, and available for the first time ever. Psycho Realm released 4 brand new items from their 2014 Fall Collection, and we put the items available to our site before everywhere else. One of the items is the “Classic Snapback Hat”, along with 3 brand new Tee’s, called the “Finally Tee“, “Noise Tee” and the “Prospect Tee“. These are on the site before anyone else has them, make sure to get yours before they sell out. We will be getting more tee’s in a few days, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for all upcoming information, and to be the first to order the new Psycho Realm tees!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Cynic, Sick Jacken & Vinnie Paz On 1 Track



Since I seen this song in my iTunes account, I was bumping this song all day. While everyones working in The Psycho Shop, I am getting Psycho in my office, bumping this dope solo album by Cynic called “Grey Sky Black Water” and the first single from the album was Birth Right. Its a dope fucken song and was produced by Cynic. It features Sick Jacken and Vinnie Paz. The Psycho Shop has the Grey Sky Black Water album now in our online store! It is also available at all major music retailers, and digitally on iTunes.

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

2Mex Is Coming Back



When reached by phone, the first words out of 2Mex’s mouth are, “I’m gonna come back from this.” Then he quickly adds, “This shit is crazy.”


The underground hip-hop cult hero and KDAY radio host speaks from a hospital bed in San Bernardino, where he’s spent the last two weeks recovering from a near-fatal bout with diabetes. The medical staff says it’s a minor miracle that he’s alive, let alone without brain damage. Unfortunately, doctors couldn’t save his leg, amputating it just below the knee.


“I’ve got a crazy headache and leg pain, but I’ve already been doing light physical therapy,” says 2Mex, born Alejandro “Alex” Ocana Jr. “I’ll survive it. It’s gotten much better.”


Over the last two decades, few local artists have earned more love and respect than 2Mex. The Project Blowed veteran and co-founder of The Visionaries has collaborated with Busdriver, Psycho Realm, Murs and Nobody, released an album on Sage Francis’ Strange Famous imprint, and even been shouted out by Snoop Dogg on the song “My Peoples.”


So when the news broke about his condition, outpourings of support flooded social media. Within days, a GoFundMe campaign raised more than $30,000. Friends and family are hoping for $120,000 to cover Ocana’s medical costs for the next few years — including hospital care, physical therapy and a prosthetic limb, which can run from $7,000 to $40,000.


At the time he checked into St. Bernardine Hospital, Ocana numbered among the estimated 1.5 million L.A. County residents without health insurance. “I hadn’t had any health problems prior, but that’s no excuse. I should’ve been more conscious,” he says.


One morning late last month, the latent affliction became critical. The 43-year-old woke up with crippling pain and a foot swollen to the size of a football. He took anti-inflammatory pills until the condition became dire. His sister rushed him to the hospital, where doctors performed emergency.


“Before the amputation, the pain was so crazy that it felt like my spirit was leaving me,” Ocana says. “It was something dark … like I was trapped in the 1800s before modern medicine. I got to a place where I’d close my eyes and see souls looking at me, melting away.”


It’s difficult not to imagine Ocana channeling the intensity of his visions into his music, which has always been visceral and uncompromising. A 2Mex song can be gothic or political, sarcastic or sincere. He says that the first song he writes will be called “The Real Life of Pablo” — an apology dedicated to a diabetic friend whom he used to jokingly call lazy.


“All those years, I didn’t understand the diabetic condition, but now it’s been thrust upon me,” Ocana says.


For the moment, he continues his hospital recovery, which will be followed by a stint in a rehab facility. The goal is to be up and walking with a prosthetic leg in six months. Once his health has stabilized, Ocana plans to return to his music, podcast and 2Mex Hologram radio show.


He also wants to help educate others about diabetes — a minor hip-hop plague that also has affected Ghostface Killah, Boosie and the late Phife Dawg.


“People like myself have heard about diabetes over and over, but we still ignored it,” Ocana says. “We need to hit the youth on some scared-straight shit. It’s no joke. Since this incident, I’ve heard nothing but stories from fans about them losing their dad, their mom losing a leg. If I can help a single person avoid having to go through this, I’m down.”


You can donate to 2Mex’s GoFundMe at


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