Monday, January 16th, 2012

The Psycho Realm Life Of A Drug Dealer


Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Winner Of Battle Of The Bells



The Psycho Shop always has the exclusive pictures. We were there at this event called “Battle Of The Bells” that was this past weekend, hosted by Ras Kass and Judged by Sick Jacken, Guerilla Union, Campeon Tequila. The event put 10 different hip hop acts against each other, and the judges decided who had the best performance based on lyrics, originality, performance and crowd presence. The winner won  the last performance slot at Rock The Bells. At the end of the night, it was down to two contestants, Marvel The GR8 and Joey Supratta, and the event ended as a tie. So what is there to do when a tie happens between two hip hop artists in a hip hop atmosphere? A BATTLE. After the dust settled after a dope 2 round battle, Marvel The GR8 ended up winning. Here is a picture of Sick Jacken, Marvel The GR8 and Ras Kass after the battle ended.

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Psycho Realm Worldwide Beat Contest



The Psycho Shop has an update on the Worldwide Beat Contest, where the winner takes $500 in cash for the best remix of Psycho Realm’s Psycho City Blocks. This youtube video battle puts Mirror Beats vs Furio. Now its up to the public to vote who wins this round. Thumbs Up will be voted for the first contestant, and Thumbs Down will be voted for the second contestent. Make sure to support these two producers and help pick a winner for the next round. Also make sure to check out our store, because we updated some new sizes in our stock! Click Here To See Our Latest Arrivals!

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Sick Jacken in Japan This Weekend


Sick Jacken will be performing live in Japan THIS SATURDAY (2-9-2013) and MONDAY (2-11-2013). It is all for Wannabe’s 20th Anniversary and will be featuring many dope artists that are from Japan.
Saturday will be taking place in Chiba at Live Saloon’s, and featuring artists such as IQ Homeruns, E.G.G Man, Army, Gang-O, Go The Redstone, J-Gren, Sarry, Silver Buck, Jeers, Solider, Dj Shaku, Dj Taka, Down Beat Selecters, Dj Daddy, Ras Charly, Deli, Trailers Trash, Bad Billy, Mikris, DJ Fabolous aka Most Dangerous, Bestia aka Charger & El Sol, Rockasen, Yawata Trece. Show will be starting at 18:00 through ???.
Monday will take place in Kawasaki at Club Chitta, and will be featuring performers like Axis, Afooshi, El Latino, Endzweck, Saigan Terror, Thugminati, Sarry, J-Gen, Solider, Dj Daddy, DS455, Trailers Trash, Har-Co, Dj Fillmore, F.U.T.O Phobia of Thug, Mulo Plier Sync (Society), Mikris, Numb, Mr. Low-D, Dj Moto, MoNa, Nanjaman, Yawata Trece, Dj Yutaka, Yoyo-C, r0-h0, Rounge, Juicho Sound, Dj Taka and More. This concert will be starting at 14:00 and does not have an ending time.
Make sure you check out both of these shows if you are in or around Japan, because we do not know when Sick Jacken will be back in the area, and you dont want your friends to tell you how sick it was and you missed it.

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Sick Jacken & Cynic At Aspired Ink This Saturday



Sick Jacken and Cynic will be very special guests for the Grand Opening of the brand new Aspired Ink Tattoo Shop in Laguna Hills. They will be arriving about 2pm and signing copies of Cynic’s brand new album “Grey Skys Black Water” and the album features Sick Jacken, Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz and Ras Kass. There are many fans expected to come down and hang out with Jack and Cynic, so make sure to get there early! All taking place at Aspired Ink, 24401 Ridge Route Drive, Suite A104, Laguna Hills, California, 92653.

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The Psycho Envelope



Check out this new envelope we found here at The Psycho Shop. We found a really dope envelope that was designed and hand drawn by Stoney Diz, who drew a really dope psycho design of a mushroom psycho’d out with the Psycho Realm Temporary Insanity Gas Mask. This is really dope to know that it was all hand drawn, only with pencil, throughout the whole envelope. We got to shout out Stoney Diz for a sick design and concept to come up and draw this, and to even think of something dope like this to draw.