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Behind The Scenes With Chino Grande & True Starr

Urban Kings put together two of our artists to make one hit song. We booked time at a studio in Hollywood, and took UKMG Artists Chino Grande and True Starr in the booth and the outcome is called “Mind Right”, which will be on True Starr’s upcoming album “Your Welcome”. We also brought UKMG Director Famous 8 with us to record the studio session and give you a behind the scenes look of the new song. Also talking with Chino Grande and True Starr in short interviews. This is an exclusive behind the scenes session, and their will be a music video to this song as well. Make sure to stay posted for the release of this song, because it will be released as a single. More info will be coming soon, as well as the releases for True Starr’s Your Welcome and Chino Grande’s “1300 Block Boys”.

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Stomper – Aztlan Is The Truth

Here is one of my favorite all time music videos. Not just because he is a UKMG Artist, but because the song is dope and the video is dope. The song is by Urban Kings Artist The Stomper and the music video is “Aztlan Is The Truth“. It is taken from Stompers album “Once Upon A Time In America“. The song is dope, and Stomper gets very political on the song, talking about the American roots, from the mayan and aztec cultures, and more. You always have to pay attention to the lyrics with Stompers song because hes always rapping about topics that get overlooked. Below is the album cover for Once Upon A Time In America.

Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America – Album Cover

Letter to my Felon-Ms. Krazie

Still haven’t heard that has been set on repeat since the day it came out? Ms. Krazie’s Letter To My Felon is on the Street Anthem 3. Get your copy of the 3rd Street Anthem or get it now on ITunes. You can also find the Street Anthems 3 at all FYE stores near you.

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Did you know Urban Kings has an Official Instagram where we post up pictures on the go. We post everything Urban Kings, from being in the studio with Urban Kings artists, to pictures you have never seen, to behind the scenes on music videos. We also go backstage at concerts and performances, and random cool stuff. We have almost 22,500 followers on our instagram account and we have been followed more and more each day. Make sure to follow us and see some cool pictures and keep in contact with us and you might even win some dope UKMG items. Stay posted and follow us now at Urban Kings Instagram Page.

Flashback Friday Video – Big Pun Freestyle

Flashback Friday today is one of my favorite hip hop artists of all time. Big Pun spits a vicious freestyle in front of DMX and Mos Def and he spits off the top for 2 minutes in a rare video freestyle. Make sure to watch the video and let us know what you think at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

The Stomper Getting Tatted By Juan Gotti

We told you that UKMG Artist The Stomper was in Texas two weeks ago for a concert with Dope House Artist Carolyn Rodriguez for their concert in Austin for the South Park Mexican Tribute. It was a big turn out, with many fans going to the show and supporting Stomper, Carolyn and more. While in Texas, Stomper sent us this picture of Juan Gotti of Dope House Records, giving him a fresh new tattoo.  Check out the dope new ink and make sure to watch Stompers video below of “Seven Plus Six” from his last album “Once Upon A Time In America 2“. It was one of the dopest songs ever. I posted it below so you can watch it again and again! It has over 100,000 views, so lets help get it to 200,000!

The Stomper – Seven Plus Six Music Video – Taken From Once Upon A Time In America 2



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