Chino Grande Under The Sun

The brand new single from Urban Kings artist Chino Grande is Under The Sun, taken from Chino Grande’s upcoming album 1300 Block Boys. The song is pretty dope and its the first song we are releasing from his new CD. You can own it before everyone else, make sure to check it out and download.

Chino Grande – Under The Sun – New Single From 1300 Block Boys


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American Crime Premiers March 5th

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, is featured in a supporting role in the television show “American Crime”, a drama from John Ridley, the writer of the slavery feature “12 Years A Slave”. The show will also tackle racial issues, and is set in California’s Central Valley. It centers on a racially charged murder and the subsequent trial, which are examined through the personal lives of the players involved. The case takes on a greater meaning in the community, bringing the forefront America’s hardened views on race, class and gender politics. Ridley wrote the script and is executive producing with former ABC Studios head of drama-turned-producer Michael McDonald through ABC Studios. ”12 Years A Slave” has emerged as a leading Oscar contender following its Golden Globes win.  ”American Crime” Stars Timothy Hutton, Felicity Huffman and Penelope Ann Miller. Richard Cabral is featured in a supporting role.

American Crime Official Trailer

SLow It Down

Chino Grande may be locked up but that doesn’t mean you should stop supporting him. You should continue to support him by purchasing his album “Slow It Down.” The more you support the better it’ll be for when he comes out. He’ll know that each one of his fans stood by his side and continued to support him through hard times.

Lowriders Car Clubs and More..

We are happy to sponser this up coming video shoot. Lowriders, Car Clubs, Artist and of course the find ladies will be in attendance. For more info Contact Oso Vicious for diretions to private location.

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Out Now

The California Boys are Back. Charlie Row Campo are back and reloaded with 100% new songs. With Camponero members Chino Grande,  Baby Jokes, Jasper Loco and Fiesty 2 Guns, this album is going to continue the good music from “The Camponero Album” to “California Boys”. Fans, critics, friends and record store owners have been asking when this album will be dropping. And now we finally have released the next Charlie Row Campo CD. With features from The Stomper, King Lil G, D Salas, Syphon and more, this album is another project that stays mainly within the Campo. We have dropped a few songs leading up to the release date, along with snippets and all the other good stuff fans can listen to, to get that Charlie Row vibe. This album is now available everywhere, including All FYE Locations , Digitally through iTunes , Online through The UKMG Merch Store and your local mom and pop record shops.

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Sneak Peak

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – In Studio Footage – Behind The Scenes

Charlie Row Campo – Hometown – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – This Is Me – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – Never – From California Boys
Charlie Row Campo – On Our Team

In Downtown LA (Blog 3 of 3)

Blue Skies and Palm Trees

Side Street Rollin – Bus Route Carpool

Pass The Wire!!!

Palm Trees Give Perfect Shade For A Walk

Traffic Packed On The Way Back

Not Everyone Can Get In Our Lane

Only In LA Would You See Something Like This

The Best Fast Food In Los Angeles

We were in Downtown Los Angeles the other day buying screen for our silk screen machine. We got our own press so we can make our own shirts and new designs for not only Urban Kings, but for Old English Brand as well. For those who have never been to Los Angeles, we took a few snapshots while driving around in the city. So you can see and feel the real streets that we are always in, and Urban Kings Music has the soundtrack to them. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the streets.

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