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Finished Product – New Urban Kings Shirts – Blog 1 of 3

First Look

From Another Angle

Check Out The Back

A Close Up

We finished our first batch of Urban Kings Shirts. These took a little under an hour and came out great. These are a VERY VERY Limited Edition shirt made for Urban Kings Staff, Artists, and thats pretty much it. We might put some online for a limited time product. Take a look at the shirts and check them out! We had to go through a little adventure to make these. By traveling to Downtown LA to buy the screen, to making the design and burning into the screen. Tomorrow our blog will be about making the screen and making the shirt.

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Cyber Monday Sale Ends At Midnight

The Urban Kings Cyber Monday Sale is officially on and crackin! Until Midnight Tonight, we offer 20% Off our Entire Site! You can get discounted on every single item in our store, including CDs from all your favorite Urban Kings artists, like Jasper Loco, Ms Krazie, Lil Minor, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Stomper, Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, all Charlie Row Campo CDs, Baby Jokes and more! You can also save from albums that Urban Kings distributed, from artists like Conejo, Sick Jacken, Slush Tha Villain and more! All you have to do to receive your discount is enter the promo code – SaveMeMoney and you instantly save 20%! Make sure to get your items now because its the last day of the sale and the promo code will expire at Midnight!

Promo Code – SaveMeMoney

Chino Grande Is Officially Home!!!

Fiesty 2 Guns & Chino Grande

Its official…after 3 long years of missing not only our UKMG Artist, but also our friend and brother, Chino Grande is officially home. I stopped by the homies spot for a minute with Chino and we came across Fiesty, another Camponero from Charlie Row. Everyone is sending Chino their well wishes and thoughts and please make sure to send them to us below if you havent on our facebook, which is The Official Urban Kings Facebook. Make sure to go to our Facebook and also like the picture and share it on your Page. This picture reminds me of a song from Chino Grande’s most recent album from “The Story Of My Life”, and the song is called “Everythings Gonna Be Alright”. Make sure to listen to it below! The Story Of My Life is now available at All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Chino Grande – Everythings Gonna Be Alright – Taken From The Story Of My Life

Jasper Loco 16/8 Webisode Premiers Now

The brand new 16/8 Webisode is now here, featuring UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo. This time, we went  back in on a classic track that has been a favorite of everyones (including our staff), since the release. The song is called “Eastside Riding” a classic that has to take everyone back to the day Jasper Loco and Baby Jokes released their collaboration album called “Eastside Classics“. Yes its a classic song that I know many people didnt expect to see a music video too, but always wished one was out. Now, its time that its out and I said before, you never know which song will be featured on the UKMG 16/8 Webisodes. This is what makes it dope is that it could be a track that you always bumped, and now its a music video. The idea is, a song is made up of a 16 bar verse, and a 8 bar chorus, and we provide both in a music video form. It was directed by super director Famous8. So make sure to check out the video below, support Jasper Loco, Charlie Row Campo and Urban Kings on this dope new edition of 16/8 Webisode featuring Jasper Loco!

UKMG 16/8 Webisode 2 – Jasper Loco – Eastside Riding

LIKE True Starr’s Facebook Page

Urban Kings Artist True Starr has been working like crazy since he has signed to Urban Kings. He has already released 3 music videos, including 3 singles, and we have just announced his new CD that will be released this year! Its called “Your Welcome”. More information will be coming soon on the release, but their will definitely be more music coming from True Starr, more music videos, and more performances. Until then, you can all follow him on his facebook page at True Starr Official Facebook Page!

Behind The Scenes of Me-Xicano

Midget Loco & Alkatraz

Me-Xicano Music Video Shoot

Midget Loco

We have some exclusive behind the scenes pictures taken from the “Me-Xicano” music video shoot, starring UKMG Artist Midget Loco and Hip Hop Alkatraz (Special shout out to our boy Johnny – Burst Rock – Cervin for these pictures). The Music Video was filmed last weekend, and its looking great. Me-Xicano has been making noise lately, getting many spins on internet radio shows, including Tony Touch’s “Toca Tuesdays” radio show on Shade 45. It has also been getting spins on radio shows like LBP Radio and Junkie Alley Radio. Stay tuned to our site for more updates, pictures, and more from Midget Loco and Hip Hop Alkatraz for “Me-Xicano”. Shout to Oreo 1 for putting the track together, and Loon3 for making the beat!


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