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FREE Stomper – Unreleased Kuts 2

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Today we want to World Premier the official track listing for UKMG Artist The Stomper brand new upcoming album called “FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts Vol 2″. This is a really dope album that Stomper has put together, with some good solid features, like UKMG Artists Chino GrandeMidget Loco and Spanky Loco. The album also features Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records, Troub Nasty, Huero Snipes, Juan Gotti, Cuete Yeska, ALT The Saint, Oso Vicious, J.Hind, Malow Mac and more! We want to share with everyone the tracklisting so you can know what to expect from the album, and see the different collaborations with all dope artists. Stomper put together an ALL SICK album, the only way a SICK MAN would do it. UNRELEASED KUTS 2 OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE IS SEPTEMBER 2ND to all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon, FYE, digitally through iTunes and The UKMG Merch Store!

Right now Stomper is currently fighting legal issues, we are all getting donations together, to help bring him back home. Anything helps, from $1 to $2 to $5 to $10. All money donated will go directly to LAWYER FEES. Not to his books. Its a family and team effort, so please help donate towards his returning home. The official donation like is The Official Stomper Donation Link!


1. Composure Of A Soldier – Featuring Chino Grande & Midget Loco
2. Monsters – Featuring Oso Vicious & ALT The Saint
3. Heart Of Gold
4. Money Makes The World Go Round – Featuring Oso Vicious & Rikee West
5. It Dont Stop
6. I See You – Featuring Chino Grande, Carolyn Rodriguez, Juan Gotti & Cuete Yeska
7. I Got News – Featuring Troub Nasty & Theif Sicario
8. City Of Bangers – Featuring Oso Vicious
9. Lost Kauz – Featuring Malow Mac & Lost Kauz
10. After The Laughter – Featuring Sleepy Loks & Spanky Loco
11. Lies – Featuring J.Hind
12. Never Give Up – Featuring Theif Sicario, Player & Big Creeper
13.Thrown It All Away – Featuring Big Joe & OTO
14. We Dont Play – Featuring Chino Brown, Krazy Race, I-Man & T Nut
15. Thats The Truth – Featuring Mads Tha Hated & Young Smokes
16. Fuck Love – Featuring Mic MC & Chuck Taylor
17. Legend – Featuring Tha Ghost Dawg & Johnny Blade
18. Long Struggle – Ese Lil Joker
19. Aztlan en el Barrio – Chino Brown feat. Big LA, Sinful el Pecador & Diamonique

The Stomper – FREE STOMPER Unreleased Kuts 2 Official Snippets

Urban Kings Presents – In Studio With Stomper

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Carolyn Rodriguez – Amor Prohibido – Music Video

Urban Kings Music Group just received the brand new music video of Carolyn Rodriguez aka Medicine Girl’s new song. Carolyn flipped the song “Amor Prohibido”, which is a cover song by Selena. This is the music video, which just dropped and we premiering through Urban Kings Tv. We think this song came out very very dope, and was Produced by UKMG Go-To Producer D Salas. Make sure to take a few minutes out and watch this video, because it came out awesome, the song came out awesome, and now its available on iTunes!


Shut Up And Dance by Old English Brand

Our friends at Old English Brand asked us to post their brand new commercial on our blog. We work with them on many projects, but this project came out of the blue, because the UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr is starring in the commercial. This is one of the funniest commercials I have seen of Old English Brand and I know you will love it. Jaime sneeked out of the UKMG Warehouse on a secret project a few days ago, and this was the reason why. And he has kept it a secret until today! I can see it features the OE “Stay On Your Toes” Tee Shirt too! We would like to be one of the first to offer the Premier of “Shut Up And Dance”.

Shut Up And Dance – Old English Brand Commercial

The Future Is Now

Here at Urban Kings, we use Apple Computers because they are known simply as the best computer out right now. But that might be changing with a new computer comming out called the EXOPC. Its pretty much like a huge 40 inch IPad that you can use as your desktop PC. Something really cool coming out for next year. Everything is touch screen and you wouldnt have to keep any papers, pens etc on your desk anymore with this bad boy. Looks like a pretty cool toy. Check it out.


Music Thursday- Grime to Shine

This song comes frome the Album Urban Kings Street Anthems Vol 2

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Urban Kings Friend Frankie J Now Touring With J Lo

Friend of Urban Kings Frankie J has just called us to let us know that he has just been added to the Jennifer Lopez & Enrique Iglesias tour. The tour is nationwide and will be going worldwide soon after. Frankie came down to the Urban Kings office a few months ago and hung out with us, which we gotta do again. He recently signed to Universal Latino, which will be releasing his next project, which is currently untitled. He also World Premiered his new music video “Tienes Que Creer En Mi”, which will broadcast during Univision’s Ninth Annual Premios Juventud on July 19th. Frankie J is a multi platinum artist that has created a name for himself through being a member of the Kumbia Kings, he also made very popular songs like “Don’t Wanna Try“, “Suga Suga” with Baby Bash, “Obsession“, “More Than Words” just to name a few. Here is his new music video, called “Tienes Que Creer En Mi”, which will drop to you first, courtesy of Frankie.

Frankie J – Tienes Que Creer En Mi


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