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Jasper Loco Interview On Cam Capone News

Jasper Loco was interviewed a while back by Cam Capone News about how he joined the Charlie Row Campo and became a Camponero. He also discusses the old school vs the new school and what he thinks of “skinny jeans” and the new fashion trends of hip hop.


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True Starr – I Dont Trust – Music Video

Here is one of my favorite music videos from Urban Kings Artist True Starr for his single “I Don’t Trust”. Its a really dope track that features a dope beat and lyrical rhyme play. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is now Available for Digital Download! The storyline to the video is crazy, and with many different locations, we take you on a crazy ride through I Don’t Trust. Make sure to check it out and support! True Starr’s debut album “You’re Welcome” will be releasing January 2016!

Youtube Friday – Remember Kimbo Slice

Remember Kimbo Slice? The dude who would backstage fight all over youtube. The guy who entered MMA and was knocking people out until he got caught and got knocked out himself by a kick by Seth Petruzelli for Elite XC. Then he ended up on The Ultimate Fighter, which was a show for potential UFC newcomers would have an opportunity to win a spot on the UFC roster along with a $100,000 deal, then lost the competition on the very first fight. From there UFC still offered him a fight vs Matt Mitrione and Kimbo lost that one too. Since MMA, Kimbo signed with a boxing promoter and already had 2 fights. The most recent against Brian Green (not the dude thats married to Megan Fox). This is Kimbo vs Green, Round 4 of a 4 round fight.

New Spanky Loco Tattoo Drawing

Spanky Loco has been doing tattoos for a quick minute, and he is always drawing images and designs for his craft. We have posted a few of his creations he has done for a few of his customers, and he sent us in this drawing of a tattoo a customer has asked him to make. Spanky has been doing tattoos while working on his next upcoming album with Urban Kings, and it is coming out sick. He is also available for booking for concerts around the world. Spanky is also available to collaborate with artists, if you need Spanky on a song, either a verse or a hook. For Music, Booking, Tattoos and anything related to Spanky Loco, hit us up by CLICKING HERE . Also make sure to pick up Spanky Loco’s latest Spanish album “Tirando Y Rifando 2“.


Spanky Loco – No Ay Pas – Taken From Tirando Y Rifando 2


Chino Grande – Chingo Bling – In Studio

You may have heard already, but we are confirming it. UKMG Artist Chino Grande was in the studio with Chingo Bling, and there was a song that was created and it was so dope that we had to add it to Chino Grande’s album “Trust Your Struggle“. The song is called “Turn It Up” and came out really really dope. We can’t really give out too much information but I can tell you that the track is dope and is the first collaboration between Chino Grande and Chingo Bling, and hopefully it will not be the last. So stay posted to our blog, because we always give you the up to date info, secret information, and let you know everything first before everyone else. Make sure to Pre Order Chino Grande’s album “Trust Your Struggle – Platinum Package” right now, because the Platinum Package includes Trust Your Struggle Autographed by Chino Grande himself, and a FREE Poster! You can Pre Order the album below!

Tune In Live Stream April 6

Tune In to our  Live Stream April 6, 2011. That’s right spread the word going down this Wednesday Live video stream via UStream starts at 7:00 pm (PST).

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