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Making Our T Shirt Designs (2 of 3)

The Front Design

urban kings films

The  Back Designurban kings films

Date The Screen For Our Records
urban kings films

Ready To Burn The Design Into The Screen

urban kings films

Prepped And Ready To Print

Installed It Onto The Press
urban kings

Ready To Get Inked
urban kings

Its Automatic To Us Baby!

We went to Downtown Los Angeles to buy the screen we need to make a design. Now its time to put our design into the screen so we can make our own shirts. Its a complicated process to etch our designs into a screen then imprint it onto the frame. We are making our Urban Kings Music Group T Shirts, with the Urban Kings logo on the front with the UKMG initials on the back with the website underneath. Next Monday will be our next blog of this series.

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Jasper Loco on The Relevance Show Tonight!

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will TONIGHTS GUEST on The Revelance, one of the biggest online radio shows that is hosted by hip hop emcee Krazy Race. Its one of the few online radio stations that plays nothing but the best in hip hop, underground, funk and interviews some talented artists. This week features Jasper Loco along with world famous tattoo artist Big Tiny of Unauthorized Ink. The Relevance will start at 9pm (Pacific Time) TONIGHT, Thursday, April 10th, so make sure to tune in and listen to the questions and some music of Jasper Loco. Jasper will be premiering some new music too, so its a must tune in, especially if your a Charlie Row Campo fan.

Midget Loco Taking It Old School

We have a brand new picture of UKMG Artist Midget Loco doing a very rare old school photo shoot. From the old school suit, to the poppin fedora, Midget Loco always respected the ways of the past, and the style that was. In classic black and white, suited up with a lowrider behind him, the picture came out really dope. Photography credit goes to Antonio Garcia. The photo shoot was taken in El Monte, California, and the photo shoot went very well. This is just one of the pictures UKMG was able to get our hands on so far, but we will be posting up more pictures very soon, so stay tuned to our blog for the complete photography session! This picture also reminded me of Midget Loco’s music video called “Thirteen Letter”, click on the picture below to watch it.

Midget Loco Ft D Salas – Thirteen Letter Music Video

Taken From “Dedicated To The OGs” – Available Now!

Ms Krazie Hits The Studio With Chino Grande

Ms Krazie First Stop – The Studio With Chino Grande & D Salas

Ms Krazie & Chino Grande Music Dinner Meeting

Its Official, UKMG Artist Ms Krazie is in Southern California, and once she landed, she went straight to the studio to record some brand new songs with UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo, and producer extraordinaire D Salas. They always made instant classic songs, from “Gangsters Wife“ to “Still Active“ and “You Fell In Love With A Gangster“. Now, they will be creating a brand new COLLABORATION ALBUM, meaning a whole album with Ms Krazie and Chino Grande. All fans have been asking for it, especially since getting a sample of the songs Ms Krazie and Chino Grande made together, and we are excited to announce that its finally coming. And we also have a release date of the album, SEPTEMBER 3rd. So know that its coming! Stay posted to our blog because we will be dropping more information very soon!

UKMG Deal Of The Day


Urban Kings Deal Of The Day returns to give you a special deal on one of the classic albums in hip hop. It is by Mr Lil One and the album is called “No Condolences“. It is one of the dopest albums of all time and features Lil One at his best, with songs like “World Fulla Sin”, “No Condolences”, “I Seen It All” and “Arson”. This is one of the CDs you played out until it was all scratched, or let your friend barrow it and never get it back. Well now you can get it from us, for only $4.99. Make sure to get it now because price will go up! Click Here To Order “No Condolences” Today!


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