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Making Our T Shirt Designs (2 of 3)

The Front Design

urban kings films

The  Back Designurban kings films

Date The Screen For Our Records
urban kings films

Ready To Burn The Design Into The Screen

urban kings films

Prepped And Ready To Print

Installed It Onto The Press
urban kings

Ready To Get Inked
urban kings

Its Automatic To Us Baby!

We went to Downtown Los Angeles to buy the screen we need to make a design. Now its time to put our design into the screen so we can make our own shirts. Its a complicated process to etch our designs into a screen then imprint it onto the frame. We are making our Urban Kings Music Group T Shirts, with the Urban Kings logo on the front with the UKMG initials on the back with the website underneath. Next Monday will be our next blog of this series.

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Fiesty 2 Guns – Hood Cry

Urban Kings Artist Fiesty 2 Guns made a classic track that was a fan favorite on his first album, called “Street Scriptures“. The song is called “Hood Cry” and its one of the dopest songs from the album. Fiesty put together a complete CD that had 16 classic songs. Make sure to check out the track here and pick up the album if you dont have the album already. It is available now everywhere music is sold, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and The UKMG Merch Store!

Glimpse of A Better Life

This clip is a small peek of the production of the movie A Better Life. Which Baby Jokes is going to be appearing in. The director of this movie is the same director of the movie Twilight (welcome the new team… Team Baby Jokes lol).  This film is based on the reality that we seem to over look in our communities and the struggles of those who have suffered for us. If you want to see the offical Trailer of A Better life its on our Urban Kings Tv. Now the movie use to be called The Gardener but it got changed to A Better Life ( so the Anglos can feel welcomed lol). Its going to be coming out this year.Does seems to be the type of film to open your eyes to reality (yes ladies besides the reliaty that baby jokes is going to be your baby’s daddy ). Its really rich in our heritage and our culture here (U.S).

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Spring Bash 2012 TV Commercial with Ms Krazie

Here is the Spring Bling Television Commercial for the big concert in Yakima, Washington that is featuring Ms Krazie, DMX, The Game, Ying Yang Twinz, Baby Bash and just added was BROWN BOY. This concert is hosted by Ray J. All going down at the Yakima Sundome. Make sure to get your tickets today at . 
Event Brought To You Bonafide Ent and 2Cor Ent.

Spanky Loco New Tattoo Ink

Check out the brand new tattoo UKMG Artist Spanky Loco did for me. Spanky has been tatting me up for a minute, doing most of my work, and already finishing a whole sleeve for me. So the next step is to have Spanky has been working on my second sleeve and we are almost complete. I already got the first bad girl on my arm, followed by another. I wanted to mix it up and get an angel that went in with my bandidas. I think the angel came out dope and my half sleeve is almost done. Spanky is working on his upcoming Sketchbook called “Grind Now/Shine Now”, a collabo book with Mr Flaks, which will be coming out very soon. We will keep you posted on all the updates! Spanky will also be having a new project releasing in November, called “The Best Of Spanky Loco, The Greatest  Hits”, which will be distributed through Urban Kings! The official release date is November 5th! Stay Posted!

Little Heavens – Ms Krazie – Cover Song

 We found a really cool cover song of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie’s song called “Little Heavens”, taken from her recent album “Forgive Not Forget“. This was a very very good song, and a very emotional song, as it has touched the lives of many people. Here is a cover song by Julietta Sanchez, who recorded her own cover song version of Little Heavens. We always support our fans, especially when they do something really cool and unique and special. Make sure to watch the video and support other UKMG and Ms Krazie fans. If you would like to submit your own cover song, video, pictures, drawings, or anything related to UKMG or our artists, make sure to submit it to us by CLICKING HERE. Dont forget to include your facebook, twitter and instagram links so we can also post them in our blogs and make you famous!


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