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Ms Krazie Sad Girls Contest

Have you heard about the newest contest by Ms Krazie and Urban Kings called the ”SadGirls Club Contest“. We are giving the opportunity for one fan to be a guest feature on Ms Krazie’s upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”. Here are the official rules, announced by Ms Krazie herself.

1. All Ages
2. Guys and girls can enter
3. You can rap or sing
4. Record yourself rapping or singing an original 16 bar verse on video. MAKE SURE YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SAY YOUR NAME AND WHAT CITY/STATE YOU ARE FROM!
5. Upload it to youtube and title it MS KRAZIE SADGIRLS CLUB CONTEST

Contest ends October 15th

Here Are The Entries (in no order or rank)

More entries added soon!!!!

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Midget Loco in Smirnoff

Migdet Loco appears in a Smirnoff commercial check him out. Another reason to buy a smirnoff vodka. (with the 40′s of course)

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Ask Fiesty 2 Guns your Questions

Fiesty is coming in tommorrow (Thursday) to sign the posters for the pre-sales and we thought it would be cool to get the fans to ask some questions for the interview. Click on the flyer below and type your question on the event wall. The questions with the most likes will have a higher chance of getting ask but it doesn’t mean your question won’t get asked. Then stay tuned on Urban Kings Tv to see when his interview gets uploaded to see if your question gets answered by Fiesty himself! The last day to post your questions is Thursday around noon. So don’t wait.

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Book A UKMG Artist

Click Here To Book An Artist

Have you wanted to do an event and have your favorite artist perform for your family and friends? Or do you have a special someone who is Graduating or having a Quince or Sweet 16 party and would like their favorite artist to entertain the special night? Or do you have an upcoming concert and would like to book talented artists for your next event. Your in luck, because the Urban Kings Music Group Artists are now available to book for concerts, car shows, clubs and special events. You can now book Stomper, Jasper Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Midget Loco, or Spanky Loco for your event! Make sure to email us with your questions or concerts at Book A UKMG Artist today!


We are still on that FREE CHINO GRANDE campaign, and even our fans get into the mood. Ese Lokote sent us in this graphic commemorating Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo to get out soon. With the collage of the three Urban Kings Music Group albums Chino created, and Chino standing tall with his head held high and all the pictures of him in the background looking like a memory image. We still say FREE CHINO G and  will continue to say it until he is home. His last album “” was all made while he was awaiting sentencing, so it was a very personal dope album, knowing he was going to be in jail within a few weeks. This is the video he made during that time, called Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A L.A). Make sure to send a friend request to Ese Lokote on Facebook!

Chino Grande – Story Of My Life/Do Or Die (L.A L.A) Music Video

Best Love Ever Song: Blue Rose

Here is a song to have on repeat. Dedicate it to the significant other in your life. Blue Rose is now available on ITunes. Chino Grande’s album is coming out August 16 but if you order your album online on, we will send it out today. That way you’ll be getting your album before it gets hits stores. Order your album right now to get it sent out today.

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