Ms Krazie’s One Day Sale Is Valentines Day!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie, along with Old English Brand is having a very special One Day Sale, exclusively on Valentines Day! We have received so many emails from our last one day sale about some fans missing out on the sale, and they weren’t able to own the Ms Krazie “Sad Girls Club Tank” or the “Lashes & Liner Tank“. And those were just two of the items that were featured in the collection, not counting the exclusive “Sad Girl Snapback Hat” or “Sad Boy Snapback Hat“. We also have added the “Sad Girl Beanie” and the “Sad Boy Beanie“. Plus, we were asked about sweaters, so we made the “Sad Girl – Girl Sweater” and the “Lashes & Liner – Girl Sweater. And for those true Ms Krazie fans, we made a one of a kind Canvas of Ms Krazie herself.

*Plus all Ms Krazie “La Vida Enferma Collection” is available as well, including her “LOCA”, “Krazie” and “5150″ Snapbacks, the “Enferma” and “Mexside” Beanies”, the “La Vida Enferma Tees” and her “LOCA” tote bag, plus all her albums!

Dream On Dreamer Commercial

Here was one of my favorite commercials to make. Its one of my favorites because its a commercial that motivates me and makes me want to work harder for my goals. We asked our friends from Unmodern Industries if they can help us to make the commercial. Since they are professional skaters already, they did some tricks and stunts for us, and it made the commercial so real. We have been making new commercials, and I really think a new motivational commercial might be on the way.

The Sad Girls Club Collection

Old English Brand along with Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie has a brand new collaboration collection coming soon for her upcoming album, Sad Girls Club. We have worked with Ms Krazie before, working on her two tees, Try Me and Forgive Not Forget, as well as a whole collaboration collection for her last album, Forgive Not Forget. Here are two designs that will be put into production. These are just a few of the items from the Sad Girls Club Collection, so make sure to stay tuned to our site and facebook for more information. We wanted to show our blog readers the very first look of two of the tee’s, that will be releasing soon. The collection will also feature other items, like snapback hats. Make sure to stay tuned to our website for more information!

P.S. The Forgive Not Forget Collaboration Collection is available now at  The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and online at

Old English Brand Showcase – West Snapback

Today I wanted to showcase one of my favorite hats from the Old English Brand Summer Collection. We released two brand new hats from the Summer Collection, and they already have been a big hit with everyone. They are the OE “West Snapback Hats” and available in over 10 different colorways. From Black, to Blues, Greys and Burgundy, we have all different colors to match your favorite Old English Brand Shirt, Tank or Crew Neck. Represent the Westcoast right and rock the OE West Snapback. You can choose through our selection and find your favorite color.

Old English Brand – West Snapbacks are Available Now

West Coast

We Good From All Sides

Check The Logo

From The Back

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The Old English Brand Cyber Monday Sale

Old English Brand cant stop having sales this week. On the weekend of Thanksgiving, we did a Black Friday Sale, and today we are doing the same for our annual Old English Brand Cyber Monday Sale. For this unique sale, we are having a 25% Off Sale on all orders! We are the people and always for the people. Place your orders today and save some money and keep the rest in your pockets. This sale will end on Midnight tonight (Monday). You can also come down into our store in person at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop. Our address is below! Promo Code – ShortCircuit

The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Hours : 12pm to 6pm (Monday – Friday)

OE Sports – Will Canelo Fight GGG This Year?

With the biggest fight of the year (so far) was last weekend’s Canelo vs Khan fight. Everyone had Canelo winning by a knockout, from fans to the boxing media. On Saturdays fight, everyone was proven right, even though it wasn’t as easy of a fight that everyone thought. Khan outboxed Canelo for the first two – three rounds, tagging Canelo with jabs, hooks and small flurries throughout the fight. Even though the punches had great placement from Khan, he didnt seem to hurt the bigger and stronger Canelo, as Canelo mainly focused on body shots and strong hooks to Khan, who took them pretty well, until the 6th round. Then came the punch seen around the world, as Canelo knocked out Khan with a vicious straight, which Khan went unconscious for a few minutes. Then naturally, Max Kellerman asked Canelo about a fight with GGG.

As good of a fight as Canelo vs GGG would be (and yes, Canelo would be the main attraction for pay per view), I dont think it would be happening very soon. With GGG becoming more and more aware of him becoming a household name in the boxing world, he still hasnt captured the pay per view audience. His last fight with David Lemieux on PPV only had 150,000 buyss. Where as Canelos last PPV fight had over 900,000 buys against Cotto. GGG has a big name in boxing right now, but does not have the buying status to back it up. Canelo also has a big name in boxing, if not the biggest, as well as the PPV buys to back it up, and has been the third biggest PPV star after Mayweather and Pacquiao for years. He also holds the second biggest PPV fight ever with Mayweather at 2.2 Million, with a record gate (at the time) of $20,003,150 in ticket sales. It also had the record for closed circuit showing, with $2,615,360.

With GGG seemly to be tough with negotiation demands, in a negotiation where he has very small influence compared to a name like Canelo, is a fight he can’t win. Canelo gave up many negotiation demands to make the Cotto fight, which dragged on because of Cotto’s preferences (from glove weights, to color of gloves, to who goes to the ring first). Since then, Canelo said publicly he will not be pushed around when coming to negotiations anymore.

Lets face the facts for this fight. GGG needs Canelo more than Canelo needs GGG. Lets look at GGG, who has ran through his division easy has he beat Lemieux easily. In his division, GGG can fight Daniel Jacobs, who is probably the best and toughest fight for GGG. He can also fight Billy Joe Saunders, another champion in the division, but doesnt seem too fond to fight GGG so soon. Also in the division is former champions Andy Lee, Kid Chocolate and Chris Eubank Jr. With the best fight seemingly to be Jacobs or Kid Chocolate, both would not compare to a quarter of the hype Canelo would produce with any opponent.

Canelo can stay at his 155 catchweight, can continue to fight middleweights who move down to 155, or junior middleweights who decide to move up. With Canelo guaranteeing a huge payday for any fighter, its that incentive for fighters to move to Canelos weight for the fight. He could fight any of GGG possible fighters in the above list, at his weight at 155, or he can fight junior middleweights that move up, like Jermall or Jermell Charlo (both undefeated), Demetrius Andrade, Vanes Martirosyan or Carlos Molina.

Any name on the entire list will almost guarantee half a million ppv buys for Canelo. And without a big name for GGG to fight, he will continue to fight for free on HBO. That doesnt take away from his talent, but he just does not have the name to excite people to pay for a fight on tv. He needs Canelo more than Canelo needs him. For a big payday, a title fight and to try and transition Canelo’s ppv  buys to his own, GGG needs to give in a little and make this fight happen. Canelo knows he holds the negotiation power and will not back down, and with his given track record of a ppv star, sell out of each fight, and his closed circuit buys, Canelo deserves most of the demands.