Ms Krazie’s One Day Sale Is Valentines Day!

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie, along with Old English Brand is having a very special One Day Sale, exclusively on Valentines Day! We have received so many emails from our last one day sale about some fans missing out on the sale, and they weren’t able to own the Ms Krazie “Sad Girls Club Tank” or the “Lashes & Liner Tank“. And those were just two of the items that were featured in the collection, not counting the exclusive “Sad Girl Snapback Hat” or “Sad Boy Snapback Hat“. We also have added the “Sad Girl Beanie” and the “Sad Boy Beanie“. Plus, we were asked about sweaters, so we made the “Sad Girl – Girl Sweater” and the “Lashes & Liner – Girl Sweater. And for those true Ms Krazie fans, we made a one of a kind Canvas of Ms Krazie herself.

*Plus all Ms Krazie “La Vida Enferma Collection” is available as well, including her “LOCA”, “Krazie” and “5150″ Snapbacks, the “Enferma” and “Mexside” Beanies”, the “La Vida Enferma Tees” and her “LOCA” tote bag, plus all her albums!

Meet Cecilia This Saturday At The Old English Brand Flagship Shop

We are having a very dope Meet & Greet this Saturday, July 11th at our Old English Brand Flagship Shop Grand Opening! You can meet Cecilia, take pictures with her, and she will have her posters available and she will be hanging out with everyone. If you think she looks familiar, your right, she is featured on the OE “Cecilia Tee“, and it is available now! You can even buy the tee at the meet and greet, and have her sign it for you! She will be there on Saturday, will you? The directions to the flagship shop are below!

Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Old English Brand Interview With Reverie

Old English Brand had a really dope interview with hip hop artist Reverie, who is a very talented artist from Los Angeles who created a huge buzz for herself. She has some really dope music out and has over 4 Million total combined views on Youtube. She has toured worldwide, including throughout the United States, but as well as all over Europe. With recording, touring and her clothing, she has established herself as a force in music and entertainment. She came down to the Old English Brand Flagship Shop to do the interview, and it came out amazing. Make sure to watch the video here and follow the Reverie Movement. The Old English Brand Flagship Shop is now open Monday – Friday – 12pm to 6pm. For directions, click on Locations.

After Hours With Cherry

Have you seen the Old English Brand video that we did called “After Hours With Cherry“? It was a dope idea to raid the Los Angeles Streets and do a evening photo shoot with the beautiful Cherry of the Cupcake Cartel. In the video, we are showcasing the OE “3rd Strike Baseball Tee” and the OE  ”Original Beanie in Burgundy“. It was a fun shoot going into the night and taking some photos in different locations. We did a photo shoot and did a video show everyone our adventure. Make sure to watch the video now and support the movement! We will also have a brand new video premiering today too! So stay tuned to our blog for that!

Enter Your Bid For Conejo’s Canvases

Conejo’s limited edition canvas auction have been filling up our inboxes with a lot of bidders. The current highest bidders as of today (August 17 12:00pm) are R. Vasquesz at $376 for the “Shady Conejo”, and A. Acosta at $200 for the “Game Over”.

If you wish to place your counter offer for any of these canvases, offer your bid at As far as the quality of the canvases, they are hand stretched to fit its wooden frame, developed from the original film strip of Conejo’s photo shoot.

We now have the accurate measurements of these canvas. The Shady Conejo canvas is 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). Game Over is 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). Remember that Game Over canvas is the unedited photo, straight of the original film.

Shady Conejo is the first album Conejo ha ever recorded. For more information on these canvases search for our previous post on Conejo’s auction, if your just clicking in. Both of these canvases are unedited photography.

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Nothin But California Love

Now let me welcome everybody to the wild wild west, a state thats untouchable like Elliot Ness, The track hits ya ear drums like a slug to your chest. That is a quote from one of my favorite songs of all time, California Love. We will always continue to show pride for the state that we are from, with the OE “California Love ” Tank Top Print. This new item is taken from the Old English Brand 2013 Summer  Collection, and this tank has been a fan favorite. California Love isnt just for people from California, but everyone who reps the wild westcoast, palm trees, lowriders, and black and white art. The OE California Love Tee is available now in our online store, sizes M – 3XL. Below we have added the California Love  Music Video, so make sure to check it out!

California Love – Music Video – Tupac & Dr Dre