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Music Thursday- Book’Em

Spanky Loco New Tattoo

Spanky sent us in a picture of the new tattoo he did for a client. Spanky did a tattoo for one of his customers for a shoulder piece with the gunsmoke of a barrel rising from a clown that is the suspect. I say suspect because in life everything is not all what it may seem. The shading and the coloring came out all sick. If you would like to book some artwork for Spanky Loco contact us by CLICKING HERE .

Out The Box – Picasso – Watch Now

Here is a next official Out The Box episode, Presented by Urban Kings in association with Lineage Entertainment. This is episode is number 6 from the series and stars Quincy Ndekwe in his show called “Picasso”. Its a really dope episode and one of a kind in the series. Its about a man that gives everything to a woman, when he has nothing to give. His love sends him into a confusion over the lies, but yet he can’t seem to let her go. Make sure to watch the video above and support Urban Kings, Lineage Ent and Quincy for his brand new episode of Out The Box!

Out The Box – Clayton Cardenas

Urban Kings, in association with Lineage Entertainment release the brand new “Out The Box” episode that is a one of a kind. It stars Clayton Cardenas in the episode “I Am”. It is episode number seven in our series and Clayton describes a story that is huge in his life. He talks about the feeling, the emotion, the emptiness, and the reality that has happened and his outlook on life. Clayton takes you on a journey of his life – from the bag boy lifestyle of his childhood to life on the streets he called home… but through all the ups and downs he never once lost his line of sight of who he was and who he wants to be.  Here is… I Am.

Chino Grande – Story of My Life – Mega Mix

Urban Kings created a really dope Mega Mix of UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his album “The Story Of My Life“. Its a really dope mix that you can just play and listen to the songs from Chino’s CD. It has some classics like “Blue Rose”, “Sweet Valentine”, “I Had A Dream”, “Nuclear Appocalypse” and more. Make sure to take a listen to the mega mix and order this CD if you dont have it in your collection. Its available everywhere music is sold, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Flagship Shop.

Click Here To Order “The Story Of My Life” CD!

Recruiting Urban Kings Shot Callers

Down to be put in work and get the riches? We are looking for our official shot callers when it come to the streets. What do you guys get out of it? Priority to the Urban Kings warehouse. Free complementary  gifts for a mission accomplished. Support us and our artist on Facebook, and Twitter. Let us know who you are, become our urbankings online intern. Send us your name and info saying why you want to become our online intern at Requirements for these positions involve networking, researching, and ambition etc.

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