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Music Thursday- Book’Em

Words Of Wisdom

All the water in the world wouldn’t be able to sink a boat unless the water gets in the boat. Their is only two options in life; you succeed or you fail. Either way, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride. Lets live it like a boat and float above it all. • Courage • Live It • Motivation.I rep that xSetForLifex because I have no other choice but to have those high expectations and live above it all. I promise I got you guys, Forever. And forever is a long time #Swoosh Thank You for the support. We are team #UrbanKings xSetForlifex lifers…

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Ash – Coming 2012

ASH is scheduled to release first quarter of 2012. We have been working hard on this project. We have mixed and mastered the sound to the highest quality so that your surround sound or theatre system will detail every little noise in the film. We have also designed a brand new cover that looks cutting edge and shows some awesome film shots that were taken in the movie. This film has been worked on through different people who are the very best in each specialized area. From filming, editing, to sound, to design, we had only the best work on this film with us. Not only is ASH a great movie, but the overall quality is precise and very technical.

The 16/8 Webisode Releases Friday!

We have a brand new flier for the upcoming Urban Kings 16/8 Webisode Premier staring UKMG Artist Stomper! This is a brand new webisode series that will showcase UKMG Artists in some brand new short music videos. Is there any of your favorite songs that you wished a UKMG Artist did a music video to? Not just newer songs, but classics, or even remixes? Well, now we are putting together some of the highly demanded videos together as part of this exclusive new webisode series called 16/8. Its called 16/8 because the music video will be a verse of 16 bars, and the 8 bar chorus (hook). Get ready, because something great is coming on Friday! The 16/8 Webisode staring Stomper will release exclusive on Urban Kings Tv!

The Boycott Begins

If you have missed the news on why she is speaking this way about Katt Williams. Let me feel you in… A few days ago Katt Williams was doing a stand up comedy act in Phoenix, Arizona. When a hispanic interuppted him and showed his pride in being Mexican. Katt Willams lost his cool and disrespect him and his country. See the video for yourself here.

Published By Elena

World Premier Of There For You – Music Video

Here is the Official World Premier of the first single by The HighLife called “There For You” featuring Oso Vicious. We have always supported talented artists, both locally and internationally, and The HighLife has that dope style rap. They just released their latest CD “The Connection” on iTunes and it will be releasing soon in CD very soon. We have always shown love to The HighLife because they are talented and they having been grinding, releasing many videos since they put out their first CD. Make sure to support them by downloading the CD on iTunes below, and support good artists!


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