One Krazie Night DVD Staring Ms Krazie – Out Now!

The DVD that everyone has been waiting for is now available! “One Krazie Night DVD” Stars Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie as she performed for the first time ever in the Los Angeles Area. She performed for a sold out concert, with hundreds of people in line waiting for the doors to open. This DVD is epic, showing not only the concert, but Ms Krazie preparing for the show, and footage inside her dressing room right before she hits the stage. The One Krazie Night DVD gives each viewer a front row seat into the show, as Ms Krazie performs all her fan favorites. Plus, as bonus material, we feature special performances by MC Magic and Brown Boy. Plus extra special bonus performances by Jasper LocoThe Stomper, and Spanky Loco. This DVD has it all, and it is only just $9.99 from The UKMG Merch Store!

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Sunday High Sneak Peek

Here is an exclusive the trailer of Midget Loco’s Trailer Sunday High from his Album Dedicated to the OGs. Check it out.

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Chino Grande – First Single – Shine On Me

UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo has a brand new single coming out, called “Shine On Me” featuring singer Carolyn Rodriguez, and produced by super producer D Salas. This is his first recorded song since being released, and it came out a heater. The picture above, is the Official CD Cover for the SINGLE, Shine On Me. Their will also be a Music Video that has already been filmed for Shine On Me, as well. The song came out great, especially since we have heard some of the material he had written while he was away. Shine On Me will be coming to iTunes very very soon, we will keep everyone updated on the exact day, but we can tell you its very very soon. Have you seen the trailer for the music video, and the 8 minute Behind The Scenes footage from Shine On Me? Well if you havent, then Click Below and see what its about!

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Official Trailer & Behind The Scenes

Ms. Krazie and Mc Magic

Ms. Krazie is going to be featured on Mc Magic’s new album called The Rewire. The song that is featuring Ms. Krazie is going to be called Reasons and the album drops of February the 8. Hint Hint you know what this means Mc Magic is also going to be featured in Ms. Krazie’s album : )

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Chino Grande Interview On Rap Cartel

We have an exclusive interview from Rap Cartel who has done a quick interview with Chino Grande from Charlie Row Campo, while in back of the concert of the Charlie Row Campo/Mack 10 show. Chino Grande and Jasper Loco performed an awesome set, which was also caught on camera by Rap Cartel Tv. Chino Talks about his brand new album, and performance footage is after the interview. Make sure to check it out exclusively on Urban Kings Tv!



Chino Grande’s Art Auction

Baby Jokes brought the drawing that Chino Grande’s sent in from the pen, when he came in for the 3rd Street Anthem UStream. You can claim this drawing that was sketched and shaded by Chino G himself. This drawing is being action off to the highest bidder. You can enter your bid at The highest bidder so far is $100 and its from Pancho Huerta. If you don’t really know much about Chino Grande watch his exclusive interview that was done one week before he was incarserrated. He is currently still behind bars. And we wait for his release date. You can also see his last moments just before he turned himself in. For all those that want to know why Chino Grande is locked up listen to his song Entrapment which is in his album Slow It Down. His unreleased song Hood Cry is going to be on the Street Anthem 3 and when you pre-order the album you get a the offical Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 poster and a chance of it being autographed by the charlie row campo and/or other artist that are also featured on the album and can come with one out of 25 exclusive prizes. We are trying to get Locked up Raw to do a documentary on Chino Grande (click here to learn how you can help). Free Chino Grande!!

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