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Out The Box Episode 3

Here is one of the coolest episodes we created for Out The Box. It stared Tui Asau in a different style that was unique than the rest. Tui wrote and produced this song himself. Its a really good song and he tells a really deep, emotional story through song. Its one of my favorite episodes, because it brings something new and so artistic and knowing that Tui wrote the song and performed it so passionately. Out The Box is an artist showcase, displaying their talents in many different ways. The series is presented by Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group. Watch the episode below!

Out The Box – Staring Tui Asau

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This is to Funny- Angel Baby & Lil Sniper Comedy

Here another comedy video we came across that we think is hella funny. You can visit there youtube and check out there other videos. As you can hear they are jaming to Ms krazie – A gangsters Wife Featuring Chino Grande. If you have anything to do with Ms Krazie from Wall Papers to Cover song to tattoos send them in to us so we can post them on our site. Send to Enjoy..

Exclusive Facebook Preview of The xSetForLifex DVD

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UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz  Jr has just released an exclusive preview of the upcoming Urban Kings xSetForLifex Super Show DVD. I bet everyone that was at the show seen the many cameras that were placed throughout the concert, and yes, there will be an official DVD of the whole experiance. So fans who were not able to make the concert are now able to see Urban Kings Artists performing on the same stage along with special guests! See Ms Krazie, Stomper, Jasper Loco, Spanky Loco, MC Magic, Brown Boy and more performing your favorite songs! This exclusive preview is only available on Facebook, and the only way to watch the video is to LIKE the Urban Kings Facebook Page. All you have to do is click LIKE and you can watch the video and see what the hype is about. Its coming, stay posted to our blog for more information, because we might leak more clips soon!

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Chino Grande Finishing A New Song

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Urban Kings Ambush continues today as Chino Grande gets to the studio. UKGM CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr has been at the studio all day finalizing mixdowns and he called UKMG Artist Chino Grande to record a few more bars on his song called “I Dont Give A Fuck”. Jaime also drops some secrets about Chino Grande’s album, and records Chino spitting to the song, and also plays the beat for everyone to hear. So if you are not following The Urban Kings Official Facebook Page, make sure to do it now, because these videos are only on the UKMG Facebook, not youtube or anywhere else, so do it now!

Chino Grande’s New Album “Trust Your Struggle” will be releasing 8/13/2013 at All Major Music Stores, and digitally through iTunes!


Gigs Is Set For Life, Are You? Where’s Your Video

Check out this brand new video we just seen from Gigs MonDragon, talking about the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show featuring UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, along with MC Magic and Special Guest Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. Gigs is SetForLife as she got her VIP tickets already and she talks about what to expect from the show. Especially being the very first time Ms Krazie will be performing in the Los Angeles area! And MC Magic’s last time performing in the Los Angeles Area (in 2013), and Chino Grande’s first time performing in 4 years! It takes place November 23rd at The Yost Theater and YES, it is ALL AGES! She talks about meeting Ms Krazie at her last Meet and Greet, and when she got in line. So make sure to watch the video and make your own videos, we might post them on the blog and you might get a shout out! Make sure to follow Gigs and watch her other videos Clicking Here!

Click Here To Order Your XSetForLifeX Super Show Tickets Today!

Gigs XSetForLifeX Super Show Video


True Starr – Killa Cam (Sneak Preview)

True Starr comes back with a new music film for his latest single “Killa Cam”
Which will premiere this Nov. 21
Directed by KastNFame


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