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Street Anthem Spanky Loco’s Interview

The first street anthem interview is released and Spnaky Loco is the first speak up, as well as his news on his projects that are going to be coming up. Catch his interview on Urban Kings Tv, as well other videos we have released for the urban kings fans. The 3rd Urban Kings Anthem is going to drop this March.  What day, well thats something you guys got to stay on your toes. So stay posted : )

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Music Thursday – Jasper Loco

For this weeks Music Thursday we chose Jasper Loco’s West Coastin song. This song was bangin in my car for 6 months straight once Jasper Loco’s “Eastside Assassin” album came out. This song was bumped all over by everyone. Then the music came out and everyone went crazy. On Youtube, this video has over 241,000 Views and got good responses on youtube and by the fans. It tells how life really is on the west coast by people who are from the west coast and don’t try to glorify what life on the west coast is like. Jasper Loco’s “Eastside Assassin” is available at All FYE Locations, all online digital outlets such as iTunes and onlike at the UKMG Catalog . And be on the lookout for the new Charlie Row Campo “California Boys” album coming August 7 to every major music outlet nationwide!

Ms Krazie New Video Vlog

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie did a brand new video vlog for her Homegirls guide to make money online. She has always been an artist who is one of the people, and she made a video giving advice to help some women make some money online. Her closeness and her love for her fans has been established since day one. She decided to make this video to help those ladies who are struggling. She has many ideas to help your situation out, and gives some great advice on helping, if your in a bind. Make sure to watch it today!

Chino Grande & Glasses Malone – I Dont Give A Fuck

Urban Kings released a really dope album from UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his newest album “Trust Your Struggle“. The second single from the album was a very dope, very raw song that featured Cash Money Artist Glasses Malone. The song is called “I Don’t Give A Fuck” and went hard over a solid westcoast beat. That was one of my favorite songs from the album, and was the follow up single following Chino Grande’s first single from the album, called “Shine On Me“. If you havent heard this dope album yet, make sure check it out and listen to I Dont Give A Fuck below! Trust Your Struggle is available now at all major music stores, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally on iTunes!

American Crime Premiers March 5th

There is a upcoming television show that everyone is talking about. The show is called “American Crime” and will premier on ABC on Thursday, March 5th nationwide. The show features UKMG Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, has a very key role as a supporting actor throughout the story. It is about a couple who has been murdered in Modesto, California, and discovers that the car used in the crime has a description, and was in possession of a teenager. As the police and the parents are looking for answers, they also find more information about their son and his life with his wife. The trailer looks so good and the show is going to be a big hit! Watch the commercial below and get ready for this show to come out!

American Crime Trailer

Dream On Dreamer Releases Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the official release date for the guys at Old English Brand to release their brand new commercial “Dream On Dreamer”. They have asked us to help them promote the commercial and we support Old English so make sure to check out their commercial. Like I said earlier in the week, we have already seen the commercial and it came out really dope. It motivated us to keep working hard and to keep doing our best because each goal we accomplish, we set another one immediately. Listening to the powerful words in this commercial helps us working towards all of our goals, and will continue to inspire us on what we have to do. The commercial was edited by non other than UKMG Director Jeff “Echo” Reyes!


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