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Street Anthem Spanky Loco’s Interview

The first street anthem interview is released and Spnaky Loco is the first speak up, as well as his news on his projects that are going to be coming up. Catch his interview on Urban Kings Tv, as well other videos we have released for the urban kings fans. The 3rd Urban Kings Anthem is going to drop this March.  What day, well thats something you guys got to stay on your toes. So stay posted : )

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Music Thursday – Fiesty 2 Guns – Dont Cry For Me

Music Thursdays this week is Fiesty 2 Guns from Charlie Row Campo. We picked  ”Dont Cry For Me” by Fiesty from his first solo album called “Street Scriptures”. This was a fan favorite by all Urban Kings fans, and a song that came from the heart. This was a really dope CD, it featured Chino Grande,D Salas, Bigg Bandit, Sal Capone, Rigo Luna, and Eddie Kane. It also featured songs like “Make The Hood Cry” and “What I Dream Of”, but we will save those for another Music Thursday. Remember that “Street Scriptures is available now at All FYE Locations, digitally download through iTunes or online through The UKMG Merch Store.

Tito Rodriguez – No Regrets – Music Video


UKMG has just been submitted the brand new music video from Tito Rodriguez (from The Pricks), called No Regrets. This is a really dope video that is animated, its the first cartoon music video I have seen in a while. This is a strong song with a strong message. Its about teenage pregnancy and the families who work hard to give their kids the best childhood possible. Parents are working so hard to provide the most they can, and end up with a pregnant teenage daughter. I know millions of families that are going through that exact situation, and a song coming from a latino artist, it really hits home. Make sure to follow Tito on FacebookTwitterSound Cloud and his Instagram.

Ms Krazie’s Album Coming Soon

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie has been working hard on her brand new upcoming album, called “Sad Girls Club”. It is her latest project, and she is already many songs into the album. I have been in the studio sessions with her while she has recorded her new songs and fans are going to love the music on the album. If you are a fan of Ms Krazie, then this album is going to reach you and it will be amazing. I cant really give you too many details on the album, but know its going to be something great, just like all of Ms Krazie’s CDs. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information on Ms Krazie and her new album “Sad Girls Club”. Until then, we posted a brand new picture of Ms Krazie!

Charlie Row On Pocos Pero Locos Network

Charlie Row Campo on Pocos Pero Locos Network July 27, 2008. Full Interview along with there world premier
From there upcoming projects

Music Thursdays-The Sickside

This song is from Sick Jack’s album Stray Bullets

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