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We Makin Beats

The Set Up

Hit That Beat

This Is A Key Item

Makin That Heat

We brought our homie Nick Steele came by the Urban Kings Office to make a few beats for the Urban Kings Music Group Artists. He has done beats for Jasper Loco, Ms Krazie, Nipsey Hussle, MC Eiht, Comptons Most Wanted, and many more dope artists. Here he is making a new beat from scratch to make a custom beat for Jasper Loco. We asked Nick to come down to our offices and bring what he needs and set up and make a beat for us. He brought his MPC, keyboard and laptop and made some dope ass beats. He did a drive through and killed beat after beat for us. And not only did he just make hot beats for us, but we U-Streamed his producing process and even the fans could see how Nick can cook RAW STEELE out of a concept. Shout out to everyone who was in our U-Stream room to watch a master at work.

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New Facebook Ambush – Sand One

Must LIKE The Urban Kings Facebook Page To Watch!!!

What was Sand One doing with Urban Kings yesterday? You may have seen something on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page already, but let me tell you, its pretty funny. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr went out to Sand One’s live mural painting for Kush N Wax Connection. Sand One is the artist who created the Official Mural for UKMG Artist Ms Krazie in East Los Angeles. We linked up with Sand One again for her new mural. Check it exclusively on The Urban Kings Facebook, and you must like the page to see the video, so make sure to LIKE the page and check it out! Here are some behind the scenes photos we took yesterday, and we also filmed an exclusive video for Urban Kings Tv, and that will be coming out very soon too! Make sure stay posted to our blog for more pictures and the video!

Sand One and A Fan

UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr & Cyzer

The Urban Kings Upcoming Video Will Finished Mural!

The Continuation of Midget Loco’s California Raised

We ain’t stoppin the buzz that Midget Loco has right now. With 2 Music Videos out right now from his newest album – Dedicated To The OG’s , (Midget has music videos for  Thirteen Letter &  California Raised / Sunday High ) , we are announcing that we will be releasing a brand new Midget Loco Music Video, which will be the continuation to California Raised. If you have seen the Sunday High Music Video, you will know, in the beginning of that video, it starts with California Raised, and then turns into Sunday High. Well, have you asked yourself what happened in the time between Midget Loco getting arrested and him waking up in his own bed? Well its about to be answered with the California Raised Music Video.

Midget Loco – Sunday High / California Raised

My Sweet Valentine- Chino Grande’s Story Of My Life

Chino Grande’s album is coming out tomorrow (just 24 hours to go lol). For those that order thru I hope you guys are all loving Chino Grande’s album like I am. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. So I had to post in up for everyone to hear. Don’t forget to be here tomorrow cuz we are going to be uploading Chino Grande’s music video, “Story Of My Life (Do or Die).

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The Ghetto Robin Hood

Yesterday, up to 3 men robbed a bank in Los Angeles. These men then drove to South Central Los Angeles, and began throwing out thousands upon thousands of dollars out the window of the getaway car during a police chase. With money laying on the streets in LA and people struggling right now with unemployment, hundreds of people began rushing outside to grab money. Regular citizens have confirmed that bills ranging from $1 to $5 to $20 and even $100 bills have been thrown out the car window. With the money being thrown in a poverty neighborhood, the citizens of the area started to claim that the bank robbers were the modern day Robin Hood, who stole from the rich (they robbed a bank in Santa Clarita), and gave to the poor. What do you think?

Chino Grande Music Video

Today we wanted to showcase a music video that changed the game. Its the music video of UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo called “Shine On Me” featuring Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records. This video was the very first for Chino Grande as a solo artist. I remember how pumped up he was to do his first music video and how people came to see him on set. “Shine On Me” is taken from Chino Grande’s most recent album “Trust Your Struggle“. That album came out really dope and the music video was released before the album came out. The video was directed by Echosworld and the video is coming really close to 1 MILLION VIEWS. Make sure to watch the video and post it on your social media to help push it to 1,000,000!


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