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Hit That Beat

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Makin That Heat

We brought our homie Nick Steele came by the Urban Kings Office to make a few beats for the Urban Kings Music Group Artists. He has done beats for Jasper Loco, Ms Krazie, Nipsey Hussle, MC Eiht, Comptons Most Wanted, and many more dope artists. Here he is making a new beat from scratch to make a custom beat for Jasper Loco. We asked Nick to come down to our offices and bring what he needs and set up and make a beat for us. He brought his MPC, keyboard and laptop and made some dope ass beats. He did a drive through and killed beat after beat for us. And not only did he just make hot beats for us, but we U-Streamed his producing process and even the fans could see how Nick can cook RAW STEELE out of a concept. Shout out to everyone who was in our U-Stream room to watch a master at work.

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Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death Official Music Video Album Version

UKMG and Ms Krazie are back at it again! We just released the music video for “Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version), and we have another surprise for our fans. There is another version that we have made that we know you will also love. The first version we have released was the Radio Version, and the new version will be the Album Version, which will feature the song in its original version, with Problemaz! Love You Till Death is taken from Ms Krazie’s brand new album “Forgive Not Forget“UKMG and Ms Krazie has decided to release the music video on December 24th, which is Christmas Eve! We thought this would be the best Christmas Present Ever!

If you have not seen the Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version – featuring Kozme), make sure watch the music video below! It came out really really dope and we are extremely proud of how the video came out, and we know you will  be as well.

Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Radio Version) – Featuring Kozme

Remember Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death (Official Music Video Album Version)

Releases Christmas Eve, December 24th!

They Finally Came

The mail man finally came through, we got Midget’s album finally at the warehouse. But we know they are not going to stay there for too long because Dedicated to the OGs is going to be releasing soon. They are going to be off to the shipping department can sent them out before its released in stores so the pre-sale orders their say first. (and they don’t get there on time blame Johnny lol). So order your album now but you will only be able to get album with the autographed poster at youbuycds where you can even check out our VIP package for Dedicated To The OGs. No other place will hook it up like we do.

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Conejo – Dead End Gangster

Urban Kings Music Group has released a few albums by the infamous Conejo. We have been working with Conejo since he started making music, and this album was his first album that he recorded when he was active in the streets. The album was recorded before any of his albums were released, and came raw with the lyrical ability, dark concepts and stories, and brought the street life into this album. Conejo made it an instant classic, and for Urban Kings, this was the first of three albums we have released from Con. This album had hard hitting jams like “My Mind Just Errupted”, “Sound Thee Alarm”, “Devils Playground” and “8 Million Stories”. The album is available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Merch Store.

Conejo – 8 Million Stories – Taken From Dead End Gangster

Watch American Crime Here!

Click Here To Watch American Crime For FREE!

Did you miss Urban Kings artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, new television show called American Crime. It premiered last night on ABC and it was really good. We tuned in just like millions of viewers throughout the country have watched the first episode and got hooked. Richard plays the character of Hector, a gang member who was driving a car that was witnessed around the scene of a crime. If you missed this episode, you can now watch it here for FREE, courtesty of ABC Television!

American Crime is on Thursdays, on ABC, 7pm Eastern/10pm Pacific.

92 Music Video – Releasing Next Week

We have some brand new information for everyone today. We have just heard that a brand new music video is coming our way from our friends from The Highlife, aka G Double and Blaze Daily, and featuring Cavi Rx. The song is called “92″ and we have seen it already and it came out dope! They have been on their grind heavy last year, and this year they are going even harder, releasing their first album, called Still Rollin, which is available now! We have also premiered a few videos of The Highlife, including CrazyStill Rollin and All I Know, and all these songs (including the new song “92″) are featured on the Still Rollin album! With production from Kast N Fame, and music videos directed by Eyekon Fotography, The Highlife will be bringing another amazing video called 92, with a scheduled premier date next week! Make sure to support The Highlife, G Double & Blaze Daily, by purchasing their album below!



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