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King Lil G – Old English Brand Commercial
King Lil G – Old English Brand Commercial
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive of a Behind The Scenes look at King Lil’G's photoshoot with Jeff ‘echo’ Reyes Behind the camera shooting for our Old English Brand.

For immediate release

Urban Kings Music Group

Label Contact: 562 696-5222

Directed and Edited by: Jeff ‘echo’ Reyes (Visit him at
Stylist: Cristy Ruiz
Assistant to Jeff: Tara Blanton

103 Responses to “King Lil G – Old English Brand Commercial”

  1. Beast Gaming says:
    Do u even know what u just said lmao
  2. xicanoRAPfan says:
    Lilg got chased out of Whittier Narrows Park on 5 de Mayo, that's what you get for studio banging. And shut up about united Raza, you dissed lilrob for cheap publicity, hypocrite.
  3. Trankilo209 says:
    Dam stop dissing rappers man. Its pointless. Enjoy the music. At the end of the day they getting thiers and you sitting broke at home
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