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Lana Del Rey – Tropico
Lana Del Rey – Tropico
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

UKMG Artist Chino Grande is featured in Lana Del Rey’s new video called “Tropico“. It is a short film by Lana that was her passion project. The video also features music videos with story lines that also goes along with the story. It’s a really dope film, on some creative and artistic videography. Lana wrote the film and I think it came out really good. Lana Del Rey is one of the biggest artists in the world right now, with songs reaching over 1,000,000 views on youtube combined. You might have heard her song on the radio right now called “Summertime Sadness” thats being played all over the radio and MTV. Make sure to watch the video and support Urban Kings and Chino G by watching the video of Lana Del Rey’s “Tropico”! It features songs like “Body Electric”, “Gods And Monsters” and “Bel Air”.

36 Responses to “Lana Del Rey – Tropico”

  1. Moxxx600 says:
  2. daniel2010es says:
    Why Lana bloqued tropico in Spain? :'(
  3. Love it better in HD so good work
  4. Anyone know the name of the song at the end credits?
  5. Am I the only one who turn it back for: MAN, YOU'VE GOTTA BE CRAZY ahaha
  6. any french subtitles please?
  7. 18:10 to 18:59 please somebody tell me this song's name!
  8. thx for uploading.
  9. Body ElectricGods & MonstersBel AirAny one know where I can actually find the Tropico Album? Cuz these songs were in the other albums... weren't they?
  10. zach200cc says:
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Lore Jovel says:
    Thank You for uploading! this is pure amazing Art!!
  12. Nuria Ruiz says:
    same guy in E.T-Katy Perry (?
  13. Naomy Garcia says:
    Love it, love it, love it its AMAZING...,!!!!!
  14. Sam Corro says:
  15. Dani elyon says:
    I always said she is the best Theologian I ever encountered!(Official Version can't play in my country... )#LanaDelRey #Tropico
  16. WHAT IS THE SONG IN 25:23 ?? that so beautiful!!!
  17. Gábor says:
    WHAT IS THE SONG IN 25:23 ?? that so beautiful!!!
  18. shes the best although she runs the risk of producing songs that sound too similar.
  19. tomousi says:
    An outcast angel poisoned by reality's the land of gods and monsters. A story for all earth's angels..
  20. I love lana, I love TROPICO!!
  21. Bel Air is EXACTLY what i thought it would be.
  22. Meek keem says:
    A lot of biblical references
  23. Mmmm i dont really know hay to think about the film. I'm sure Lana had specific reasons in mind when doing this project but, whatever that was that she tried to transmit well... I didn't really see it. Lust and corruption by the almighty money is something that I could catch in the film and the fact that from the holy history the Eden of garden held Adan and Eve before they were outcasted for eating the forbidden fruit... Which I believe Lana tried to show with the money and the lust for the flesh. I didn't find the film interesting in order for me to watch it again but, the production behind it and all the effort and passion that Lana invested on "Tropico" is enough for you to give it a chance. I personally prefer Lana del Rey to tell me or to let me know that she's working now with a new album cause... As far as her voice and songs is concerned, she's just above many of those singers who can't give me anything real. Lana is real, she's passionate and she DOES know how to express her beauty through her music and... I DO believe that seeing her as beautiful and sexy as she looked in the film was a sign of her to let us wonder if her beauty is either a blessing or a defect on her.
  24. This video is demonic. Anyone who does not see that is not in the light.
  25. oceanusun says:
    Amazing... Thats what we need in music industry.. more ART and less emptiness... beautiful photography and the story so well done.. loved the end... great message ...
  26. Lana Del Rey ou seria Lana Del Hot?rsrrssrsr
  27. My thoughts on Tropico..
  28. Eliott A. says:
    Sometimes your hell is your heaven as well .... i saw my life on this video ... Thanks Lana ....
  29. Eliott A. says:
    Sometimes your hell is your heaven as well ... i saw my life on this video ... Thanks Lana ..
  30. Thank you for this short film, it's perfect.She's farrrrrrrrr awayyyyyyyyy <3
  31. grazz alon says:
    I don't understand the film really

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